Thursday, July 29, 2010

Treasures and Trinkets Thursday!

Just wanted to share my treasure of a garden with you today
It's like going to a treasure chest each day when I go to my garden..
I like seeing what the surprise is for the day!

Here's some of my tomato they are big!

This is what my pepper plants started out looking like...they're much larger now.

See, here's my cubanelle plant.
This makes some yummy salsa!

Here's some of what we just harvested!

and here's me and my gardening partner in grime!
(excuse me with no make-up, but we were gardening...who wears make-up when they garden?!)

Hope you will link up a treasure of your own!!
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chandelier makeover...from brass to breath-taking!! (In my humble opinion)

Hey guys, you remember my yard sale chandelier from a few weeks ago?
Here's a little reminder of what it looked like the day I brought it home.....
Warning...shield your eyes from the shiny brass!!

In case you missed the post on this chandy, go here. I got it for 5 bucks!

I'm sure you guys know what I did to that
lovely, shiny brass....
yep, I painted it!

First I got it ready to prime by scrubbing it down, taking off the old, broken chandelier covers and masking off the top of each light bulb receptacle with tape so the paint wouldn't get down inside, like this...

Then I rigged up a nice little hook in my front tree from a coat hanger so I could hang it and paint it without having to paint part, let it dry and then paint more.  It's so much easier this way!
It's hard to see, but here's a pic to show you my little cheat for painting!

Then I got busy with the real work.....priming to get rid of the brass!
Here's a pic of the first coat of primer

Oh, we're looking better already, don't ya think?!

After a couple of coats of primer, and two coats of
white Krylon paint

 I started the fun part...
I bought crystal prisms!
Lots of crystal prisms!!
I bought french pendants, cut spear prisms and
even some crystal bead rope!
I already had some teardrop that came on the yard sale chandy!
(I have enough left from all those for my next
$5 yard sale find too!!)  LOL
I bought them from
it's a great place to buy chandeliers or crystals (and no, I'm not getting paid to tell you about them...I just love that store!)
I also bought white chain to hang it from and re-wired the top with white electrical wire instead of the garish gold that was on it before...looks MUCH better!

I bought chandelier light covers too.
The old ones were cracked and yellow as you can see
by looking at the left one below.

You wanna see what my 5 dollar chandelier looks like now???
Are you ready?
Are you sure you're ready?
Okay, here we go.....

Isn't she lovely?
Oh, swoooooon!

Here are some more shots

Here are some of the french pendants and
crystal bead roping.

I LOVE how cottage-y it looks in my kitchen!
See the spear crystals on the bottom...LOVE THOSE!

All lit up!

Oh, I forgot to tell you that all those holes in the chandelier were all
pre-drilled by the previous owner....
THANK YOU previous owner!!!

My hubby went to a movie and I hung the chandelier while
he was gone. :)
He knew I was dying to get it installed, so before he
left he took the old one down and just hung the chandelier
on the hook in our ceiling where it is swagged, to be
centered over our table....
all I had to do was make all the necessary connections
When he came home and saw the light
all hooked up, he said,
"I knew you would have it installed before I got home"....
he knows me well, I'm an impatient soul!

Here is one last before and after...

So, what do you think??
Worth $5 bucks!

Blessings and Hugs

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Monday, July 26, 2010

A bunch of beach bums!

This is my last post about our vacation...we had such a good time!
Our last leg of our vacation was at the beach...Folly Beach, SC to be exact.
Folly Beach is more of a residential area than a big commercialized beach, and it's VERY family friendly! (we didn't see one trashy bathing suit the whole time we were there) :0)

Here is our hotel, the only one on the island....
it's a Holiday Inn.
Well, there is a tiny little motel a couple of streets back off the beach called....
get this, Holliday Inn! (2 L's, instead of one) LOL
It's easy to use Hotwire to get cheaper rooms, because there's only 1 hotel on the beach!
Online this was $254 a night..we got it for $199!

Directly next to the hotel is this wonderful pier!
They rent fishing equipment too!

Here's my guys checking out the view from the top level of the pier.

Very LONG pier!

This is the building the pier is built off of, it has this....

Our favorite restaurant on the island!
Locklear's Beach City Grill!

Here's the inside...very bright and airy!

I got shrimp and scallops....YUMMO!

Waiting on our food....can you tell Carson just took a big swig of Sprite?~!

You can buy a frisbee for 2 bucks when you buy a kids meal...
Carson was very happy with the deal~!

Me and my guys on the pier after lunch!

View from the end of the pier....before going here............

Carson and TJ enjoying the crashing of the waves!

Some beach pictures...

My camera lens kept fogging up, but this pic was too cute not to include it.
He looks so happy here. :)

I LOVE this picture!

I took this picture under the pier!
How cool is that!

Playing football on the beach!

Carson learned to ride a boogie board!



and Sea!

Building our first sand castle!

ta da!!

I couldnt' be out done...I made my own sculpture..
my fishy! lol

Writing with seashells in the sand...

What will it say??

It says...Folly!

Lincoln finally decides to join us..he hates the beach!
I know, how can anyone hate the beach!

My guys!

I call this Lincoln's James Dean shot! lol

Is that a perfect sky or what!
I personally think it's the perfect guy too! :)

Under the pier...isn't it soothing..

Me, with my toes in the sand. :)

This is Carson, signing off!


Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into our vacation..
hope the family pics didn't bore you too much!

I'm leaving you with a short video of Carson trying to learn to
use his boogie board...
and yes, you did hear that right in the video,
I did say ya'll!

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