Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Laundry Room GIVEAWAY!

No, I’m not giving away my laundry room, but I do have  a wonderful treat for you that I used in my laundry room!
But first I’d like to say thank you to all you wonderful people for your sweet comments on my Laundry room makeover…what a great group of gals you are!  Your comments were overwhelmingly sweet!

I can’t wait to show you some  more of the details of the laundry room in later posts, but this little detail has to be first!  See this….

Laundry room makeover
I bought these from a very sweet lady on Ebay named Lisa and she has agreed to give some to YOU!  (U.S. residents only please)You might think, eh I don’t really need any knobs (or maybe you do, cause they’re gorgeous!), but I didn’t use these as knobs, so keep reading!  I initially purchased them for my cabinets, but when they arrived at my house, I knew they needed to become more than just a cabinet knob, these things are beautiful!   Lisa hand makes these knobs with her own digitally printed papers and they are gorgeous! (and she’s talented!)  Here’s what  I did with them!
How to decorate a laundry room

I turned them into knobs/hooks for my laundry room wall!  They are 2” across, so plenty big enough to use as hooks!
This is how they come when they arrive at your house.  They have a screw with them if you want to use them as knobs, but I did a little altering to turn them into hooks!
laundry room decor
I bought a package of Dowel screws….. (you get three in a pack for a $1.18 at Lowes)
Here’s what dowel screws looks like ..…as you can see, it has screws on both ends.
dowel screw

I just screwed one side into the knob like this………
laundry room decor

Then used pliers to make it screw all the way in on the one side. (notice I’m using pliers in the middle so as not to mess up the threads on the piece)
laundry room makeover

Those little screws can turn any wood knob into a hook in an instant..see presto chango!…..
laundry room decor

Next I just pre-drilled a whole in the board and batten….
board and batton

and just screwed in my knob/hook!
laundry room decorating

and there ya have it….beautiful knobs that can be used for drawers, or as hooks on your wall!
damask dresser knob turned wall hook

Lisa has generously offered to give one of my readers three of these damask knobs! (that’s the number I used in my laundry room below…can’t see the last one for the washer.)
Laundry room makeover

For a 1st chance to win please leave a comment on this post.
For a 2nd chance to win, visit Lisa here at her Ebay shop, Custom Knobs by Lisa, to check out all her cool designs and tell me which one you like best!  (this girl is uber talented…you might want to add her Ebay page to your favorites page!)

For a 3rd chance, tweet about the giveaway and Lisa’s shop and tell me you did.
The giveaway is open only to US residents only. (sorry guys, but international shipping is crazy expensive)  I will leave this giveaway open until July 6th, so get your comments on here and good luck!
Have a great week!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

How to decorate a Laundry Room..The BIG Reveal!!

I know I have been working on this laundry room for a long time now, but I’m finally finished and it’s time to let you see the finished product!
Can you say woo hoo!!

Let’s start from the beginning…..The BEFORE picture!
This place was a mess! Builder’s beige walls, ugly floor and basic light fixture…
(and no, I didn’t do laundry with my washer and dryer out in the floor…..we were selling them and got a new set of stackables) :0)
messy laundry room..just keepin' it real!

OK…you ready for the AFTER?… (warning…lots of photos ahead!)

Here she is…….
Laundry room decorating ideas

I’m in LOVE…..I even ENJOY doing laundry now!
How to decorate a laundry room

Now you see the ugly furnace…
How to hide a furnace

Now you don’t!  I’ll show you how I hung the curtain to hide the furnace in a later post, but doesn’t it look SO much better?!
laundry room decorating ideas

If you missed how I installed the floor, go HERE.
How to decorate a laundry room

I’m lovin’ having a chandelier in my laundry room….makes me wanna sleep in here! I’ll show you the before of the old chandy later, but for now…she’s so lovely!
how to re-do a chandelier

See those cute little knobs on the wall??  I’ll show you those up close next post….and there may or may not be a giveaway on some just for you!  (ok, there will be..you pulled it out of me!)
Laundry room reveal

Here’s the Goodwill Dresser side….(if you haven’t seen the before of this dresser, you need to go HERE….the difference is amazing!)
laundry room ideas

You can go HERE  to see how I installed the board and batten and HERE to see  how I refurbished the Habitat Re-store cabinets I installed on the wall.
how to decorate a laundry room

I’ll also have a tutorial on how I made these cute little pictures in an upcoming post!
laundry room decorating ideas

laundry room decorating ideas

laundry room decorating ideas

pictures for laundry room

laundry room decorating ideas
I absolutely LOVE my new laundry room!  So tell me what you think! 

Don’t forget to come come back next post to sign up for the damask knob giveaway!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blogger Bliss and a BIG Thank You!

Hey you guys! I have to tell you what a wonderful day I had Saturday!!  I went to this…….
mint julep jaunt

and got to hang out with these amazing blogging women!
Mint Julep June Jaunt Gals! Bloggers Rock!
From left to right: Katrina (friend), Mallie from Deco Art Paints, Jennifer(friend), Beckie from Infarrantly Creative, Elaine from Honeysuckle Hollow, Joi from Nuestra Vida Dulce, Megan DVD from Beauty in the Attempt,  Me (yep, I’m the short one again), Miranda from Just Drink a Coke, Cathy(friend), Terri from Creative Eyedias, Peggy from Piglogs and taterberries, Hollie from I’m Busy Procratinating, Donna(friend), Gail from My Repurposed Life and Shannon from Quarry Orchard. Whew..that’s a lotta gals and they were all SO wonderful!
I’d like to say thanks to Gail from My Repurposed Life and MeganDVD from Beauty in the Attempt for putting the whole day together!

We had a fun itinerary for the day!  Our first stop was in Southern Indiana…it was this Peddlers Mall, and it’s HUGE!

Peddlers Mall in Indiana.

I got to hang with Beckie from Infarrantly Creative…we had a great time walking the aisles, chatting and shopping.   She got Starbucks Coffee, I won a $25.00 gift certificate and bought a watering can!
Woo hoo! (you can see my watering can in the picture of all of us together…it’s sitting in front of me on the back of the couch)
Infarrantly Creative, My Cottage Charm

I saw this idea while walking around……….
cute idea..they took a three tiered table and turned it into a lazy susan
They took a three tiered table and made it into a lazy susan! Too cute! (and so easy with a cheap lazy susan from Ikea!)
Our next stop was Goodwill (also in Southern Indiana) and it was probably one of the biggest I’ve seen.  I bought a trifle dish and a cute black and white polka dotted purse for $2.50. (the purse was new and had a matching wallet!)
Goodwill in Indiana

After shopping we all stood out in their foyer waiting for everyone else to finish. 
inside Goodwill


Terri got a great deal on her lampshade…too cute for 3 bucks! Can’t wait to see what you do with your shade Terri!
Terri from Creative Eyedieas finds a great lampshade

After Goodwill, we stopped in at Salvation Army…I’m a bad blogger and forgot to take pics in there, but they were super nice and told us all about how the Salvation Army started. (I didn’t get anything in there, but I’m kicking myself for leaving a light fixture I saw in there…but let’s not go there!)  lol

Next we stopped for lunch at one of the cutest cafes I’ve seen in a long while.  It was called Lynn’s Paradise Café, in Louisville Kentucky, and the mood in there was nothing short of FUN!

Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville Kentucky

We had a great time chatting!  This is Carmel, (on left) she joined us late and has a very sweet blog called Our Fifth House.  Mallie is next to her and she was their representing DecoArt paints. (she brought us a goody bag full of fun paint! Thanks DecoArt!)
Carmel from My Fifth House and Mallie from Deco Art

This pic is of me, Joi and Jessica. (Megan DVD’s sister)  I’m looking a little tired in this pic, I had been up since….well let’s just say I was so excited about having fun with all these bloggers that I didn’t sleep much! lol
Missy, Joi and Jessica

This is MeganDVD…bless her heart, she had just had surgery and still continued to help wrangle all this stuff together AND show up to lead us all around.  SO thank you my dear!! (isn’t she a cutie!)
Megan DVD

The food at the café was amazing!  I got this spinach, bacon and gouda salad with grilled marinated chicken breast and poppy-seed vinaigrette…..can you say yummo!
my spinach, bacon and gouda salad...oh yum!

Now see all those orange boxes?  We were just receiving our swag from all the sponsors of the event!  It was SO fun! 
blogger gals!
I’d like to send a BIG shout out to Gorilla Glue for the fabulous box of glue, tape, t-shirt and so on!  Thanks again to Deco Art for the wonderful paint,  Krylon paint for a can of paint and primer spray paint in one, and door prizes from Scotch Blue tape, Dutch Boy paint, Purdy brushes, Shaklee and a Visa $25 gift card.   Can I just tell you it was my lucky day…they kept calling my name for prizes, (three times!) but I only accepted one.  (I think that was only fair since others hadn’t won yet)  I was thinking I should have gone out and bought a lottery ticket that day. (if I played…I’ve never bought a ticket!)
Gorilla Glue Goodies, Deco art, Krylon paint and Edge lock painters tape (blue)

Here we all are just checking out all our goodies!
Gail, my repurposed life

Gorilla Glue, Krylon paint and Deco Art paint gifts!

Carmel and Mallie

The lady on the left is my sweet, sweet friend Elisha!  She went with me for the day and we had such a grand time!  She won a $10.00 gift certificate in the Salvation Army!  We were having a blessed day!
Elisha and Joi
Joi and Jessica….
Joi and Jessica
It’s Beckie again! 

and last but not least me and Elisha outside the Café.
Missy from My Cottage Charm and friend Elisha on bloggers day out

Elisha and Missy @ Lynn's Paradise Cafe
We stopped at two more places after the café, but Elisha and I skipped out on the last one, we were missing our guys and kiddos!
I truly had a wonderful day full of girlfriends, shopping, food and fun…what could be better?!
Hope you enjoyed going through my day with me….what a blast! Hope you enjoy getting to know all these ladies and their amazing blogs!
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