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Mudroom Coat rack Bench

Hi all! I know, it’s been a LONG time since I put together a blog post, and I apologize….life is just nutty sometimes and I needed a break…..I’m sure you know what I mean.  :0)

I thought you all might like to see a project I did a few months ago that I absolutely LOVE! It’s a mudroom coat rack/bench. You remember the old 1916 house that was torn down?  The one I took the old bank of drawers from to make my window seat? Well, I salvaged quite a few old doors from there as well. I decided this would be a fun way to use those doors! Here’s what I made!….

mudroom coat rack

It looks a lot more complicated than it was, I promise!  :0)

My doors were 48” wide when butted up against each other, but you can see in the pic they have little strips of wood on each side that ended up making them 49”. I wanted to keep the hinges, but didn’t really want to see anything but the pretty part, so I used that trim to cover them up.  (more on that later)

To make the base I purchased a 4 x 8 sheet of MDF (medium density fiberboard) and three 8’ long 2 x 4’s.  (the 4 x 8 sheets are actually 49” wide)
I cut two of the 2 x 4’s to 49” long and then cut three pieces 15” long….two for the ends and one for a center brace. My finished piece is 18” deep, the standard depth for a bench. I used some wood glue and my nail gun to nail it all together.  I then cut a top for my base piece..again, 49” wide x 18” deep.

how to build a mudroom bench

See how my side pieces are on the INSIDE of my two longer outer pieces. You want to build it like this for strength.

mudroom bench

I made sure to check the fit of the MDF piece by laying it on top of the base and checking on all sides, this will become your bottom piece to your actual bench. (where the little baskets slide in)  Don’t attach this to the base yet.

2014-03-14 12.24.59

To build the actual bench part of the unit, I cut one more 49” x 18” piece of MDF  for the top piece of the bench, and two pieces for the sides that were 18” deep x 14” high.  I also cut two pieces that will be used for the center braces, and they were 18” deep x 13” high.

coat rack

You assemble your bench like below using wood glue and a nail gun.

how do you build a coat rack

I cut a scrap piece of trim to 15 1/4” and used it to make sure my brace pieces where exactly the same distance apart from each other, like this….

what to do with old doors (2)

and this……

how to build a bench (2)

then I used wood glue and my nail gun to assemble it together.

I drew a line across the top where I was going to be nailing into the braces underneath, so I knew where to nail. I didn’t want to split out the piece of MDF bracing….

what is MDF

Then it was easy to just follow along that line and nail without worrying about splitting out my braces…

bosch nail gun

After it was all glued and assembled, I attached it to the 2 x 4 base I had built earlier with glue and my nail gun.

how do you build a coat rack

Then I trimmed it out with some baseboard molding I had laying around the garage….

how do you build a bench

Next I moved onto the doors. I basically laid them out flat on two saw horses and gave them a good sanding.

what to do with old doors

After they were thoroughly sanded, I used mending plates to attach them together on the back where it would never be seen.  I forgot to take a picture of this part, but basically this is a mending plate, and you just lay it across the two doors and screw it in to make the two doors as one.

mending plate

Next I moved onto the shelving unit at the top of the piece. I had some extra lumber from other projects, and I used it to make the shelving part.  I cut a piece of pine lumber 49” long x 5” wide. It’s the piece that will lay flat against the doors. (it’s the piece laying flat on the carpet in the pic) The top piece is MDF, and I cut it 49” long x 9” deep. It sits on top of the other piece and is glued and screwed from the top. I used screws on this piece cause you’re never going to see the top and I wanted it to be extra sturdy. I didn’t attach the corbels to the shelf at this point because I attached the shelf to the doors with screws under where the corbels are sitting so you won’t see the screws.

how to build a shelf

Before I attached the shelf to the doors, I installed some pieces of wood to the sides of my doors to hide where the hinges will go.    It was 1/2” thick x the depth of my door, which happened to be 1 3/4” thick.  I used wood glue and my nail gun to attach those pieces.  I took the hinges apart, and only used the pretty part with the rounded brass tops, and pounded them down into the openings. I only did it on the two top openings, because the bottom holes will be covered by the bench.

how to build a coat rack

Sorry, I got a little lazy about taking pictures and forgot to show you under the corbels where I screwed them to the doors. I’m sure you can envision the shelf screwed on under the corbels.  I then used the existing holes that came in my corbels to screw those to the doors and upper shelf. I filled them with wood filler and sanded it off.  (you can see the wood filler on the fronts of the corbels if you look closely) You can also see in this picture, that I trimmed the shelf out with some trim I also had on hand.  What I don’t show in this pic, but you can see in the final pics, is that I added some crown molding between each corbel.

organizational center

At this point, I trimmed out the bench around the top, and also down the front of the brace pieces with some trim. I was also a little antsy and couldn’t wait to see how my baskets were going to look. I got those adorable baskets at Walmart! They are from the Better Homes and Gardens collection and were only $9.97 each! I’m showing you in this picture how I’ll be pushing the bench up against the doors…….I couldn’t attach mine until I got it in the house because it would’ve been too big to go in my front door.  (it looks like it’s not the same width in this picture, but it really’s just where I still had it pulled out in the floor a little bit)

wire baskets

Here it is inside the house and all screwed together. I basically pushed the bench up against the doors, and pre-drilled from the back into the 2 x 4’s I built the bases out of and used REALLY long screws to screw it into place. I also used some L brackets and attached it on the inside top of the bench where you can’t see it, and screwed them into the doors and inside the back of the bench.

2014-05-03 11.54.05

Then I pretty much just added a couple of hooks for coats etc, and primed and painted! (oh and you can see the pieces of crown molding between the corbels that I was talking about earlier…I just glued and nailed that into place)

I did add a tufted bench top later on. I used another 49” x 18” piece of MDF and just screwed it to the existing bench top after I tufted it.  I have tutorial on how to diamond tuft in my post on how to diamond tuft a chair. You can just use some screws and washers instead of a needle and thread….see…

2014-08-27 15.00.24

Then you just use a covered button kit (I used 7/8”) to cover up the screws…

how to diamond tuft

See….just lovely!

how to upholster a bench

And there ya have it…a Coat rack/ bench/ mudroom all rolled up into one!



mudroom coat rack

You can see I left the old glass door knobs and hardware on the doors…I just thought it added to the authenticity of the doors. (as long as you don’t sit in the middle of the bench, they don’t get in the way of you leaning back either) :0)  hee hee hee

So there ya have it…how to make a cute mudroom/bench out of old doors!

Hope you enjoyed my project!



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