Sunday, May 27, 2012

Window Seat Progress! :-)

I have FINALLY made some progress on my window seat! You remember when I showed you this pic and said I would filling in that gaping hole and cutting the wood so it wouldn’t be sharp? Well I finished that part! Woo hoo!

how to build a window seat

This is a picture of the side of the white cabinet with the glass doors.   I attached a piece of wood to the side from the inside of the cabinet and the side of the drawers, so I’d have something to nail the front piece of wood to……

how to build a window seat

Here’s the piece of wood I cut and attached to those pieces….

how to build a window seat

Here’s the front edge where it meets the drawers….there’s a small gap there, but I just filled it with a little caulk before I painted it. :0)

how to build a window seat

I cut the top piece of wood (I used MDF) that you will sit on and attached it to the top of the window seat.  This picture just shows you  one of the pieces laying on top. See how it sits on the ledger board I installed on the wall under the window sill.  You can see how I installed the ledger board HERE if you missed it.  I nailed the top into the ledger board and to the edges around the front of the drawer piece.

window seat

Here is the top of the window seat all installed now! Yay! I also added a little piece of half round trim on the front edge of the MDF to hide the raw edge.  It has a couple of coats of primer on it in this picture. 

how to cut foam rubber

Here is the hole all covered up now, painted out and hardware applied to the drawers!  I’ve also cut all the foam rubber to fit the window seat top.  Do you know what you cut foam rubber with?  An electric knife….it cuts like butter! :0)  It’s not just for carving turkeys anymore! lol

how to build a window seat

(sorry this pic is a little dark….it was getting dark outside, but I was anxious to show you how far I’ve gotten on the seat!

I’ll be working on the shelf that will span the top  next. It will go from the top of one cabinet, to the top of the next one.  Then there will be sewing….lot and LOTS of sewing! lol

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial day weekend!


Friday, May 18, 2012

You Have to See What I Found!

Hey everyone!  I HAVE to show you what I found last Friday!  My little guy was DYING to go to yard sales, so we hopped in the car and decided to just drive around some neighborhoods to see if anyone was having any sales.   I called my mom to see if she wanted to go, and we went to pick her up. There were THREE sales just on her street alone.  One was an estate sale… elderly lady had passed away and they were selling all her stuff. I always think that’s so sad, but I also think she would have approved of me buying her stuff cause I’ll love it as much as she did. :0)

Here’s what I got!…

vintage insulators

Don’t you just LOVE that old aqua glass jug?! It was with an old coal oil stove and the gentlemen wanted to sell it together, but I told him I really only wanted the jug.  They finally gave in a little later and it was mine…for TWO bucks!  The turquoise plates are Pyrex, then there’s two old ironstone bowls and two Pyrex aqua bowls too.  I love the color of the old electric line insulators. (they were .50 each)

vintage ironstone pitcher

I love the little glass spice jars..I wish they’d had the whole set! I picked up the ironstone pitcher for $3.00 at another yard sale.

vintage glass jub

See the wire rack in the background of the pictures?  It’s a drawer from a vintage refrigerator….I thought it might be good for organizing in one of our bathrooms or my craft area.  


I think my favorite find of the day was this old wire washtub caddy.  You’ll never guess how much that was~!  I got it for $2.00!!!   I already had the washtub, but the wire caddy sells on ebay for over $100.00~!   Whoa baby, did I score on that one! :0)

vintage basket

It is missing a few of the little metal clips, but I figure I can find something to fix that pretty easily.

galvanized tub

Here’s the base…..the whole thing folds up flat.

wire clothes basket

Okay….that’s my stash for last week!  Oh….and my poor little man didn’t find one thing that day…I felt so bad!


I got my entire stash of goodies for $13.00!  I think I did rather well don’t you?! :0)

Have a great day~!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Where I Put My Painting…

You all remember the lovely painting my friend Cindy painted me as a surprise?  Well, I finally figured out where I like it best.

rose oil painting

I placed it in my kitchen window, in front of my stained glass and under my chandelier.  I thought since I spend so much time in the kitchen, it would be a perfect place, and it is….I smile every time I go in the kitchen now.

oil painting

Isn’t she lovely?! My kitchen wallpaper has the same pink/blush tones as the painting. I can’t tell you what it meant to me when I received this precious painting in the mail.  Do you know Cindy went through my blog looking at my house so she’d know what colors would match!  She is SO thoughtful!

rose oil painting

So thanks again Cindy for my sweet little painting….she looks like she’s always belonged in my kitchen. :O)

chandeliers in the kitchen

I would like to frame her….but I’ve never framed a real painting on canvas before. Does anyone know how you do that?

I’ll soon have an update on my window seat! 
HINT: I finally have it to the point where I can sit on it!   Yay!

Have a blessed week!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tea at Two

tea party

Hey everyone! I wanted to show you some pictures of our ladies tea we had at our church on Saturday, April 20th.  Six ladies from our church, including myself, each took a table as a hostess. We decorated with real china, silver, flowers, linens etc.  This is my table……

tea party ideas

how to have a tea

The china I used for my table was my mom’s, she gave it to me as a family heirloom.  Both my grandfathers (her dad and my dad’s father) got the entire set for her by filling their cars with gasoline. Each time they got gas, they received pieces of the china.  I think that’s so cool that gas stations gave away fine china!  Too bad we don’t have anything like that anymore. :0)  I have every piece of that china you can imagine…..teapot, sugar, creamer, gravy boat, 24 piece place settings of plate, bread plate, cup and saucer, salad plate, berry bowl, soup bowl…..even down to vegetable bowls and salt and pepper shakers.  I imagine they bought a LOT of gas to get that many pieces of china!

tea party ideas

The rest of these tables were the other ladies….it was such a wonderful day! We had scones, cucumber sandwiches, beef and Swiss on rye, chicken salad in phyllo cups, cookies,  little cheesecakes, clotted cream, lemon curd, candy, tea and punch.

tea party

This table is my mom’s….she had a Victorian theme.  Pink roses, pearls, and cameos.  So pretty!

tea party ideas

victorian tea

I love all the pinks and pastels that were used to decorate.  Each table was so lovely.

tea party ideas

The table with the peacock was our Junior Hostess table.  We had a sweet group of teenage girls from our church act as hostesses for each table…they were in charge of filling teacups, glasses and making sure we had plenty of food on the plates at all times.  They did a great job!

ladies tea

Hope you enjoy looking at the rest of the photos….we had such a great time!

how to have a tea

tea party food

how to have a tea party

how to have a tea

having a tea

foods to have at a tea party

tea for two

Have a great day!

Missy :0)

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