Thursday, April 19, 2012

Window seat update…

window seat

I’ve got an update on my window seat for you guys! :0)  In the above picture you can see the big gap to the left of glass front cabinet. (it’s kind of hiding behind those tubs, but look close and you can see there’s 4” gap)  I knew I would have to put a spacer in there, so I cut a 2 x 4 the height from the floor to the ceiling.  I removed the toe molding on that wall too.  

how to install a spacer

Since you’ll never see the back of the 2 x 4  I decided to use L-brackets to attach it the wall. I was very lucky and hit a stud, if I hadn’t hit a stud, I would’ve had to use some drywall anchors. I used 4 L-brackets up and down the piece of wood….it needed to be super sturdy!  I used a level to make sure it was nice and straight too!

how to install L brackets

I put the cabinet back in it’s place and screwed it from the inside of the cabinet into the side of the 2 x 4.  I’ll eventually show you why I put the 2 x 4 all the way to the ceiling…there’s a method to my madness! lol


how to build a window seat

Here’s a picture a little closer up….you see I’ll have to caulk the crack, but at least the big gap is gone now.  :0)

how to build a window seat

I put a spacer on the other side too, but I didn’t figure you needed to see it twice! lol

I’ll show you how I’m going to fix the big hole here next! It’s not going to have that big sharp point sticking out either….that’ll be cut off at an angle.

how it install a spacer for cabinets

It’s coming together….slowly, but surely!

I bought a BUNCH of fabrics for curtains, pillows etc. that I want to show you soon….I need opinions!  :0)

Hope you guys have a blessed week!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tea Towel Review and a God Thing…

Keep Calm and Carry On

Recently I was asked if I’d be interested in reviewing some tea towels from    After looking over all the adorable tea towels on the website I chose two really cute  ones to review.  Of course I had to pick a pretty pink floral one…..

pink dish towel

See how pretty the flowers are!

I also picked one out for my hubby’s birthday!  You see, he’s a drummer and he carries a towel with him to dust off his drums, or even wipe a sweaty brow from time to time! lol  I got him this one, and there’s a story that goes along with it too! (Please read the whole thing…it was SO cool how this happened!)

keep calm and carry on

See, my hubby had seen the saying, “Keep Calm and Carry On” on a poster one day while we were in a craft store. (and yes, he does take me to craft stores…I’m a lucky lady!)  He said he REALLY liked that saying on the poster and I kind of tucked that away in my brain.  To make a long story short when I was approached to do this review by, I saw this adorable tea towel and got it for him as a surprise for his b-day and hid it away for a while. This is where the story gets interesting…..he is the worship pastor at our church and our senior pastor was going to be out of town and asked him to preach.  This was the very first time he would preach so we were pretty excited about it!   He had a whole week to prepare and I didn’t bug him about what he was going to preach, or even ask…I didn’t want to make him nervous.  He was to preach on Sunday night and on that Sunday morning I got the bulletin that announced what would be taking place for the day…it announced my hubby would be preaching and the name of his sermon was “Keep Calm and Carry On”!! When we got home I told him I had something for him…I gave him the tea towel and we both knew at that moment that it was a confirmation from God that he was indeed supposed to preach that message, on that very day, you see it has been months since he had seen that poster!  How cool is that?  I love it when God talks to us like that. :0)  Oh, and he did a marvelous job preaching too! His entire sermon was Keep Calm, Carry On…You are not alone.  (saying God is always with us…even in the midst of our storms)

So these tea towels are not only beautiful and sturdy, but this one in particular was a gift from God. (and )  :0)  If you’re in the market for some really lovely towels, that have held up wonderfully for me, I would recommend you go over and look at the tea towels on this site.  I had a hard time choosing because there are oodles of great ones to pick from!

I had a hard time not getting this one…isn’t she lovely!

AND this one!

These are very well made too…see the hems..

I have my pink floral one hanging in my kitchen.  I received the towels a while back, but asked if I could wait a couple of weeks so I could do an honest review….they were happy to oblige me. 

So this is my honest review…I adore my tea towels and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase more!

Here’s the website again if you’d like to go take a look!

Hope you all have a blessed day!
I have another update on my window seat…I’ll post it soon!



Friday, April 6, 2012

We Will Remember….


Let’s remember what this day is all about…. never forget the price HE paid.



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