Sunday, July 21, 2013

Nursery REVEAL!

You all know I’ve been working on the church nursery for a while….well, I’m finally ready to show you everything!

Here’s what the nursery looks like now…bright, cheery and much more up-to-date than the old one!

How to decorate a church nursery

We still have some bedding that’s getting the final touches put on it, a changing pad cover, and some pillows for the rocking chairs…they just didn’t get done in time for these photos, but it stills looks good enough to call done!

nursery ideas

The little green rug, and the larger matching one, came from Garden Ridge….both were a smidgeon over $200.00! They remind me of grass, and feel amazing under foot!

safari nursery ideas

I love how the artwork, and bins came together in the picture above! Each bin has two little Noah’s Ark tags with numbers on them….one stays with the child, and one goes with the parent. That’s how we know what child belongs to what parent! :0) They have to show us their tag to pick up their child with the corresponding numbered tag!

My favorite thing in the whole nursery is the giant color blocked giraffe on this wall! :0) You just can’t get much more bang for your buck than this $25.00 giraffe!

vinyl giraffe

church nursery ideas

We still have to find a suitable paper towel holder, but I love the little soap dispensers I found at Walmart….the blue was just right!

church nursery ideas

Here’s another wall of storage….bins, cabinet with white erase board attached, canisters and shelving!|

how to decorate a church nursery

I really love the chalkboard vinyl tags I cut out for the snack canisters!

cute canister ideas

Here are some Before & After pics:

View into the bed area and cubby….

church nursery ideas

Wall of hooks, turned into art and bin storage!

church nursery decorating ideas

Wall of toys, into color blocked giraffe art….

cute church nurseries

I just love how it all came together!

What da think?!

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Blessings & Hugs!

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