Friday, October 29, 2010

My first vinyl project...and I'm already addicted!

I did this same post today as a guest blogger for Robyn at Whimages, so I
figured I might as well share it over here too!

I got a cricut not long ago, but
I also just recently bought some software to go with it
so I don't have to buy cartridges anymore!
(unless I just find one that's to die for....which could be next Thursday knowing me!)


The software is called Sure Cuts a Lot 2,
if any of you are interested
in knowing what it is.  You can take images from the internet
or scan them into your computer and load them on this software. 
You just buy a usb cable to hook up to your cricut and tell it
to cut from your computer......
OH the ENDLESS possibilities!!

Anywho~!... I decided to go beyond paper cutting and
went straight into the world of vinyl!
(and can I tell you I am totally addicted!)

This is my first project.....

I took my boring little cream colored lamp shade and
turned it into this.....

Now it's my, oooh la la, monogrammed lampshade!

I just love it!

See how the light just glows from behind the lettering?!

Oh happy day!

Seeing as this was my first attempt at
vinyl, I wasn't too sure
about it sticking onto a fabric
lamp shade, but it's held on just fine!

I am addicted there a vinyl anonymous out there?
Since my lampshades, I now have monograms in vinyl on
my phone and laptop and have several more things
waiting to be cut!

Addicted I tell ya!
Thanks for checking out my newest project!

Have you guys been doing anything new?


Thursday, October 28, 2010

The last of my summer garden and Treasures and Trinkets Thursday!

It's supposed to get down to 32 degrees tonight, so I went outside
and gleaned all the tomatoes I could get from my plants.


Do you know tomatoes will continue to ripen inside the house?
Just put them in a windowsill and wait, OR

Wrap the bigger ones individually in newspaper
and store them in a dry, cool place and they will ripen slower...
you can have garden tomatoes for Thanksgiving!

Anyone have any good recipes that call for tomatoes?!!!

Link up!
Could be something you love, a recipe (uh hum...maybe a tomato one!) or anything at all...just link!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Goodbye and good riddance! :)

As you guys know, I was asked by
to do a review of a product from their stores. (did you know they have over 200 online stores?!)

do you know how long it took me to pick one item!
I had them lined up from here to kingdom come
trying to figure out what to get to review!

But I finally got it down to one item that
I thought would get more use in our home than any other.

You see, I have this......

Don't laugh, you know you all have had one or still do!
My hubs and I got this for a wedding present 25 years ago...
ya think it's time for a new one?!
Wonder if it qualifies as an antique now?
(No, no it does not, because that would mean I'm an antique
and I'm NOT..we were married as babies~!)
So having seen that, I'm sure you know
what I chose to review!
Yep, this puppy right here.....

a Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Crockpot!
Look at that removable insert.........
I hated, I repeat HATED, soaking that old
crockpot for hours because it didn't have a removable insert!
My heart is happy!
Okay, it's pretty in the box, but what can it do?
Well for starters it can travel....

With a show of hands, how many of you guys
 have had gravy or bbq
sauce on the carpet of your back floor boards in the car?
My hand is up!
Not with this baby, it has a lid that clips down so
nothing will spill and the lid even has a gasket around it!
(no more meatballs in my floorboard!)

See the gasket?....sigh.
(I know, it doesn't take much to thrill my soul!)

Yep, I know I keep showing you pictures of the clip tight lid, but
I'm totally thrilled with that feature!
Here's one more!

This is a 6 quart crockpot so it can hold lots

It's a good thing too, I have three boys and a hubby that eat here everyday and a brother that eats here
 at least 2 or 3 times a week, so I need volume!

Oh, and I think this is the cutest little feature!
Looks like a regular name plate right?

NOPE, it holds these adorable little labels that came with it....


There are blank ones too, so you can label what you're taking...
I love this for all the church functions we go to!

Oh, and this feature is great too...
a place to rest your spoon!
(and the spoon came with it to boot!)

The first thing I made in this crockpot was a recipe I made up
all on my own, but it does come with a few recipes in the
instruction book to get you started.

I made a chicken dish that I poured over
egg noodles. It turned out REALLY
good, so I thought I'd include the recipe.
(yep,  if it had been bad, you wouldn't have gotten a thing!)


I started by putting all the following ingredients in the crockpot.
1 can chicken broth
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 small can of mushrooms
1 medium size onion, chopped
3 ribs of celery chopped
2 to 3 lbs of chicken tenderloins (I use the bagged ones from Kroger)

Cook on low for 5 -6 hours, checking chicken, celery and
onions for tenderness after about 5 hours.
When this is all done, add 8 oz sour cream. 
I found it was too thin at this point, so I
thickened with a little cornstarch mixed with a
tad of water.  It was really yummy!
I served it over egg noodles with a salad
and yeast rolls.

SO, if you can't tell, I
REALLY love this crock pot!
(and I'm not just saying that, if
it wasn't good I'd tell you so.)

If you're in the market for a new crockpot
or if you still have one of these...

You might want to pop on over to CSN and
pick up one of these...

It's Loverly!

Hope you guys have a great day!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Look What My Mom Gave Me! Treasures and Trinkets Linky Party!

My mom and dad have a booth at our local peddlers mall and I went out one afternoon and helped them pull things off the
shelves and re-arrange.
She gave me a bunch of goodies from her booth while
we were going through things!


Here are two white ironstone platters....they're going on the shelf
above my french doors in my kitchen.

This is a Prussian bowl..


It's on my buffet in my dining room now!

Isn't it pretty up close?!

This is a set of embroidered pillowcases............
His and Hers!

I adore these napkin rings....
our last name may not start with a V, but
I don't care...I
think it stands for
Victorious! (or Very blessed!)

Love this plate!~

How CUTE is this Christmas apron?!
It matches my pink and green kitchen too!

This tureen doesn't have a lid, but I don't mind
I'm putting it in our bedroom and filling it
with strands of pearls, vintage hankies and pretty little linens.

She also had these little craft jars..
right now I have extra cricut blades
and scrapbooking pieces in them. 

I have 6 plates that match these, so she gave me these
bowls to go with them.
They're trimmed in gold.

It's always nice to get to go shopping for free!
Thanks mom!


What goodies have you gotten lately?

Have a great week!

OH, don't forget to go to the
DIY Showoff and sign up for a chance to win
a surprise from my

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DIY Showoff is doing a giveaway....

Roeshel, from DIY Showoff, has generously offered to do a giveaway of an item from My Cottage Charm Cupcakes!  I am so honored and feel so blessed...Roeshel you ROCK! 

Run on over to DIY Showoff and enter for your chance
to win a goodie from my shop!
While you're there check out her
amazing blog, she is so talented, but
more than that, she's just a sweetheart of
a person!



Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wanna go on a trip?

Saturday was the first time I've tried to get out and do anything significant
since my surgery.  My hubs and I decided to take our boys
out for a day of fun, but it was educational too. (shhh...don't tell the boys!) :)
We got up bright and early and I made a phone call for some reservations for lunch..
you'll see in a few minutes where we ate!

The drive to our first location was all backroads......
they were a bit curvy, but OH SO peaceful!

It took about 40 minutes to get to where we were going..
it's called Old Fort Harrod, it's in Harrodsburg KY.

Fort Harrod was founded on June 16, 1774 and it was the first fort west of the Allegheny Mountains.

This is what you see upon arriving to the old fort....

Can you see the black ribbon on the photo above?
One of the people that help work the fort had gotten killed
in a house fire and they were honoring sad. :(

This fort has actually been re-built to the exact specifications
of the original, and it's only feet from the original location.
The exact spot the original fort stood is a parking lot now, and
this is across the street. But all the details are exact.

James Harrod was the founder of Fort Harrod.  He and 32 men came down the Ohio River and up the KY river to the point later called Harrods Landing.  They traveled 16 miles inland to the headwaters of Salt River and began to set up land claims and on June 16, 1774, Harrodstown and Fort Harrod were born.  This settlement is the oldest permanent KY town  and pre-dates America's War of Independence from British rule.

Fireplace in one of the cabins

Woodworkers shop

This is how the women cooked during those times....
definitely not a Kenmore, or Fridgidaire!

Their water supply came from a large spring.  They built the
fort around this spring.

Primitive ways to build structures...

Here's where they stored their gunpowder...

This little lamb just wanders around inside the of the workers said some days she will
let you pet was not on our day.
 She ran.
Her name is Ebony, which I found quite odd
since she is not black in color.

This is the blacksmith's shop...they do demonstrations too!

The fort has LOTS of information on the way
the lived in that day.....
here are a few.

(this is the weaving room in case you didn't know what that machine is.)
I think it blew my little boys mind that they had to spin all the wool from the sheep into thread, then weave it into fabric and THEN sew their clothes.  He can't wrap his little head around the fact that there
was once a time without a Walmart!) :)

This plaque tells what transients would be charged if they needed food or drink, a place
to stay and a place for their horses.
Looks pretty cheap to me..
a quarter for a meal
12 1/2 cents for lodging
and a quarter for your horse to be fed.

Here's where they would eat.

This was the where they would make candles....

aren't they pretty!

There are candle molds on the mantle.

Here's the work station to prep everything to make the candles.

I took this shot out of the window from the second floor of the candle making cabin. 

Shhh....don't tell on me...they don't always cooperate for pictures
so I sneak some in on occasion!  LOL
My hubby and one of my sons!

Uh oh, I got caught! :)

How would you like to trade your Sealy Posterpedic in on this model of mattress?
YIKES!  I can't even imagine!

They still make brooms and baskets here and they're for sale.
$10.99 for a broom...not too bad!

I have to tell you my little guy was upset when we
got to this room....he LOVES turtles and wasn't
too keen on the fact that there was a big turtle shell lying on that table.
To him, it just meant there was a dead turtle somewhere.
(I didn't tell him they ate turtles...don't think his little heart could have taken it!)

This was the VERY first school in KY..
to think we now have the University of KY and
so many other fine universities...
we've come a long way!

Inside the one room school house.

Inside another was 80 degrees and
they had a fire going...needless to say we didn't 
stay in this cabin very long! 

Some of the arrow heads found onsite.

My hubs and little man checking out the view
from where the frontiersmen would have been watching
to keep the fort secure from Indians.
All they saw was a festival going on outside the forts walls.

Here's a guy from the festival doing firesticks....

See this beautiful church....
it looks like a normals church right?

Well it's not!  Inside this church is the log
cabin where Abraham Lincoln's parents were married!!!
It originally stood about 45 miles away, but was moved here
and had this church built around it to preserve it.

Here's what the cabin looks like inside the church.

Pretty huh?!

There's also a museum at the fort
with an Abe Lincoln side
and a Jefferson Davis side, but we
weren't allowed to take pictures in there.

Goodbye Fort Harrod, it
was fun to visit you!

Now on our way to our lunch reservations!

We had lunch at Shaker Village..about 15 minutes
away from the fort.
Shaker Village is America's largest, restored Shaker community.
It's a 3,000 acre, national historic landmark.
(with VERY excellent food!)

Inside the dining house, which is also an Inn, there are some
amazing spiral staircases. There are two of them, one on each
side of the room. (back then it would have been one side
for the guys and one for the girls)

Waiting to be seated, you can see the
beautiful old transom above the double doors.

Here we are at our table.

The Shakers had very clean and functional spaces..
no unnecessary items to be found.

OK, I'm apologizing in advance....
all the pics we took of our food was after we had already eaten
a lot of it...we were starving!
Sorry. :)

There were corn sticks and yeast rolls...this
was all that was left when I remembered to take a picture!

Yep, I already started eating when I took this too! 

I had a pan seared pork sandwich with watermelon roumalade. (basically tasted like
a sweeter than normal thousand island dressing, but boy was it good
on that pork!) Oh and potato salad. mmmm... it was yummy!

Here are a few of the houses we saw.
We didn't walk around the whole place cause I was getting
worn out fast! Like I said, this was my first big day out
since surgery.

Oh yes, they have people fully dressed in Shaker attire
to guide you through the homes.

Hey guys and gals, this is true board and batten!

Thanks for going on our trip with us....
hope you enjoyed it and learned something
along the way!

Hugs as always!
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