Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to Make Safari Artwork

Remember these canvases I purchased for the church nursery artwork?  I got all five for $27.53! If you’ve ever purchased canvas’ before, you’ll know what a great buy that is! Hobby Lobby was having a terrific sale that day! Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Hobby Lobby?! They are so good about keeping Christ in their business, and I love how they take out full page ads on Easter and Christmas, proclaiming Jesus’ birth and resurrection!

cute canvas ideas

Okay…well, today I’m going to show you what I did with all these art pieces just waiting to be born! :0)

I started out by choosing the paint for the nursery because I wanted to tie these art pieces into the paint colors.  I went with Sherwin Williams Georgian Bay Blue and Lime Ricky Green……so cute together!  Well they will be…I promise! :0)

sherwin williams

OH! Before I show you what the canvases look like all painted, I wanted to pass along this cool trick.  Before you start painting stick some thumbtacks in the bottom of whatever you’re painting and you can paint all the was down to the edge and it won’t stick to the newspaper, or whatever you’re using to paint on. I LOVE this trick…it keeps me from painting all my fingertips! :0)

how to paint canvases

Here are the canvases while I’m painting them…see how the thumbtacks lift them up off the ground?! Cool huh?!

Here they are with three coats of paint!

ideas for canvases

I have some special software on my computer that allows me to cut out things that you can’t get on a cartridge, so I cut all of these vinyl safari animals out on my cricut, but you can also find many vinyl cutouts on Etsy that you can use too!

Here’s the different animals I cut out!




vinyl giraffe


church artwork


safari artwork


how to cut vinyl

To transfer them to the canvases, I just put clear contact paper directly on the cutouts, and peeled them off onto the contact paper, leaving the sticky side of the vinyl out.  I positioned them onto the canvases and rubbed them down, then peeled off the contact paper.

Walla! Here they are!….

canvas art ideas

The cool thing about this project, is you could do it with any color or any cutout, in any amount of canvases! Your imagination can run wild!

I have another VERY large vinyl cutout that I bought for another project that I’ll show you when we get to that point! I’m so excited about this project!!

Hopefully I can go shopping and find some things I have in mind and show you what I get, and maybe show you a little more progress on the actual room next post!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beginning the Church Nursery Makeover

Remember my last post where I told you a group of ladies and I get to makeover the church nursery?

Well we’ve started!

First we went in and tore down all the border….actually I did that part during Sunday School! (shhh…don’t tell) :0)

See….border be gone!  :0)


Jim, my friend Gina’s hubby, came in and fixed a couple of bad spots on the walls with some joint compound…also know as drywall mud.


The walls had cracked from floor to ceiling where there had been a partition there at some point.  He put on a coat of dry wall mud, then some felt drywall tape.  He proceeded to do three light coats of mud, letting it dry between coats.  Then he just sanded it down, making sure to feather out the edges. Now they’re nice and smooth and ready for paint!  Yay!

I also went shopping and bought some canvases for some artwork for one wall. I’ll show you what I did with them in the next post! 


I found this cute clock for another wall at Big Lots for only $12.00!  The clock we had was a Looney Tunes one that would talk every time the clock struck on the hour……honestly it freaked me out every time I had nursery! lol  Thankfully this one is nice and quiet. :0)


Next post I’ll show you what I did with those canvases!



Thursday, May 16, 2013


Hi Ya’ll!!
You remember I told you all I had a really big project coming up that had nothing to do with me or our house? 

This is it…….our church nursery!

How to decorate a nursery

I’m not sure when the last time the nursery was decorated, but I’m sure it has been a while since it has country teddy bear border….it is well past due for an update…it’s looking a little tired and dated.

nursery ideas

Here’s a couple more pics of what it looks like now…….

safari nursery

nursery decorating ideas

how to decorate a nursery

A group of ladies at the church (and a few men as well) all volunteered to pitch in with the work and help get this nursery all updated and new!  We have a budget of $2,500.00 to get it all done….that includes new flooring, furniture, bathroom and everything else to boot!  I think with some savvy shopping we can do it!

First things first….inspiration!

Here is the inspiration photo I found…..I definitely will be tweaking the design a bit, but I think this looks nice, updated and will go well with all that oak trim we can’t change or paint. :0)

Safari nursery 













Next I’ll show you some of the prep work and shopping we’ll be doing to start this project! I’m excited!



Saturday, May 4, 2013

And the Winner is…..

Thanks everyone for signing up for the giveaway!  We have a winner! I left the giveaway open until last night and used the random number generator to choose the winner, and it’s……………………………..


Luck number 3!!

Cheri Peoples!  Congratulations Cheri!  I’ll be contacting you so I can send all your information to send to Shabby Apple!

Thanks again everyone for signing up!



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