Thursday, December 19, 2013

Antique Sheet Music Christmas Trees…in 15 minutes or less!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to show you a very quick and easy craft project to you can make for Christmas…and it seriously takes 15 minutes or less! 
Here they are…my Antique Sheet Music Christmas Trees!

sheet music christmas trees

I won a HUGE stack of antique sheet music from Ebay a few weeks ago and I’ve been having a ball making different things from them!
If you don’t have access to old sheet music, Karen from The Graphics Fairy, has printable sheet music too!

deck the halls

You remember when I told you to save the bases from the plastic wine glasses in my last post “How to make Christmas Cloche Ornaments?” Well this is the project I was telling you to save them for!  These are the wine glasses I got from the Dollar Tree that have the bases in them I was talking about….

plastic wine glasses

I literally took little dowel rods that I purchased from Walmart’s craft aisle, and wrapped some white floral tape around the bottom to make them just thick enough so they would stick down inside the wine glass bases securely…like this.  (I cut the dowels into three different lengths so the trees would be at three different levels)

antique sheet music

I rolled my sheet music into cones, taped them into place, then trimmed off bottoms until they looked even…

Christmas tree stand

Then I plopped them down onto my wooden dowel stands, and walla…..Christmas trees!  (to make it an even easier craft, you could just make the sheet music cones and set them down on some candle holders of varying heights too!)

sheet music christmas trees

Tada!  I told you it was fast and easy!  After looking at these pictures though, I think I need to trim the one on the right off just a wee bit more on the bottom…still not quite straight. Oh well, they are cute, and would look even sweeter with a little fake snow around the bottoms! I’ll get right on that!

Hope you all have a VERY Merry CHRISTmas!


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Cloche Ornament…on the cheap!

Hey ya’ll! I’ve been wanting to show you these ornaments I made for a while, but I’ve been sitting in the hospital with our middle son for four days.  He was having an extended video EEG.  I’m home now, so here’s  my ornaments and how to make em’!

Christmas cloche ornament

I saw a tutorial for these on the internet from My So Called Crafty Life…she did a great job, and I just had to make them too!
To make these stinkin’ cute ornaments you’ll need some plastic wine glasses from the Dollar Tree…(oh, and don’t throw away the bases of the glasses..I have another project I’m going to show you that uses them!)……

dollar tree

Here’s a pic of them outside the package.  I used my dremel tool and cut off the top of each one…you can see in some of the other pictures on down, how much I cut off, I forgot to take a picture after I cut it. If you don’t have a dremel, I suppose you could use a fine tooth hack saw or something like that.  Ya’ll are smart, I’m sure you could figure out another way to cut it off too!

dollar tree wine glass

You’ll also need a 3” scalloped punch, or if you have a cricut or silhouette cutting machine, you could use that to cut 3” circles or scallops too I’m sure. (or you could just do it the old fashioned way, and trace a circle and cut it out!)

3 inch scalloped punch

I used some chip board and my punch and punched out a dozen circles. That’s how many wine glasses I bought. :0)

punch chip board or heavy cardstock

I went to Hobby Lobby and they had all the little items for miniature trees 1/2 off, so I loaded up!  I LOVE miniatures!
Have I ever told you guys I have five doll houses?!! (one is still not built…I’ll get on that one day) 


Next, I just hot glued my little miniatures on the chip board I had punched out, making sure the tallest thing was in the middle so the cloche would fit over it without touching.  I then put a nice bead of hot glue around the bottom of the wine glass, and stuck it down to the chip board base. (OH..and you can see how much of the wine glass I cut off with the dremel tool here too!)

easy christmas ornament

I made a hanger for the top with a  styrofoam glitter ball I got at Michaels, and just stuck some wire through it and made little hooks on the bottom to keep it from coming back through. (I’m thinking if I had it to over, I would have used much thinner wire…hindsight is 20/20) :0)

how to make a hanger

I made a little funnel out of paper and used it to pour white glitter into my ornament…..

add glitter

I found some tinsel at Walmart that looked like vintage tinsel…it was only $2.00 for a pretty decent sized roll. I used it to camouflage the top of the glass where I cut it off…..

vintage tinsel

Then I just hot glued the tinsel and the glitter styrofoam ball on top of the “cloche” wine glass, and it was finished!

Christmas cloche ornament

I made several different ornaments…some with nutcrackers, some with mini Christmas trees, and some more snowmen ones. I LOVE them and they really were so easy! The hardest part was cutting the tops of the glasses off.  I made 12 of them while sitting in a hospital chair……why yes, I did take a craft bag to the hospital! Including hot glue! Ha! Did you expect any less?! lol :0)

Hope you all enjoyed the ornament! Stay tuned and I’ll show you what I did with the bases to the wine glasses. The next project literally took 15 minutes to do!


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