Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

Hey Everyone! Are you getting ready for Christmas?! 
I'm finally not feeling so totally overwhelmed! My decorations are up, my gifts are almost completely purchased, and the ones I do have are wrapped. I'm finished with Christmas cards, and have mailed out the ones I can't hand out at church. I feel like I'm at least on track. :0)
We're having a big Music Ministry party at our house on December 15th, so I have to start focusing on that.  My house is SO dirty! (ok, maybe I am a smidge overwhelmed on that part, but it'll be ok...I just keep telling myself to breathe...there's lots of time) I also have a friend coming over to help me the day before the party, so that will help a lot. :0)
We have some Christmas traditions we do every year that we haven't exactly started on.  We ALWAYS make a gingerbread house, and of course bake cookies.

This is my little man, age 4, making cookies with me :0)  (I can't believe he's already 11!!!)

 We also always get our boys advent calendars.  This year, I got my little guy a Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar...he'll love that...just not sure how I'll incorporate the Bible into it yet! lol  Gonna have to use my imagination!
What traditions do you all do every year?  I 'd love to hear from you and maybe even use some of yours to start new traditions in our home.


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