Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Treasures and Trinkets Thursday......My Bed Tray!!

Welcome to our weekly Treasures and Trinkets Thursday!
You know the drill....
1. Link up something you love
2. Put a link on your post back to mine
3. Grab my button.

Now lets go!

This is the bed tray I put on my bed every morning after making it up. Some people say I'm crazy for going to all the trouble of putting a little more than a 1/2 dozen pillows and this bed tray on our bed everyday, but I say if it makes me happy....why not?! :)
Anyway, here it is.....I wanted to share it with my buddies.....that would be you guys! LOL

I bought the tray at a yard sale AGES ago and painted it now has some definite age to it...and I like that.

I have it full of things that make me smile. See the fan, a friend gave that to me for my birthday many years ago. The feather pen in the green ink well is the pen my husband and I used for our guests to sign in at our wedding.

My mom gave me one of these paper weights and the one with the photo, was a friend of our families who has since passed away.

These glasses belonged to an uncle from my mom's side of the family......poor guy must have been blind cause these puppies are THICK! :)

I love old books, these are few that I just tied up with a ribbon and topped off with a little cherub from long ago.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my bedtray! :)
Have a blessed day & link up!


Lemon Lane Studio said...

I hope you're feeling better. Gardening can really sneak up on you...all the bending and lifting. Your bed tray is full of so many wonderful memories. I love it. Will link up a bit later. Force yourself to rest!!!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

So pretty- I especially loved how you tied the books with ribbon and topped them with a cherub!

One Cheap B*tch said...

Gorgeous! I love the paper weight with the photo of the old friend/neighbor. Such a wonderful visual!


afistfullofweeds* said...

My camera has been took off with my husband for a day or 2 out of town, so, I can't post any pictures, but, I do have 2 projects that I want to show!! I want my camera back! I feel lonely without it!!!! :( Rhonda

afistfullofweeds* said...

Your Bed Tray vinette is so special!! Love that! Your a mush like me!! Rhonda

My Cottage Charm said...

Thanks girls...I am a big mush...I keep EVERYTHING! (but I do organize it LOL) :) gotta get that camera back...a day without your camera...oh my, buy that man a disposable! :) LOL

Carolyn said...

How beautiful....and mushy! LOL! I am a mush too! My daughtr gets annoyed with my mush sometimes but I can't help it! :D Thank you for sharing, Rhonda, and I hope you get to feeling better soon!
Cottage Sunshine

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Melissa......A very pretty vignette for your bedroom!~Patti

Anonymous said...


I hope you are feeling better. Back pain is the worst. I just read the few posts I was behind on. I love you bedding (I am a pillow gal too!) and your bed tray is the cherry on top!


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