Sunday, September 26, 2010

Zuppa Tuscano! YUM YUM!

Hello my friends, just wanted to let you know I'm still kicking. :) My surgery was a success, but I'm still sore and uncomfortable, but wanted to let you know I'm ok.
I did do this post for's short and sweet, but
it does give you a great recipe to try.
Hope I'll be back to normal soon!
Love you guys!

I just had to tell all my peeps (that's you!) about this great website I just discovered.  You guys probably already know about it and I'm just WAY behind the times...happens to me a LOT! LOL  It's called  It's a website with recipes from your favorite restaurants! Oh happy day!


I found out about the website while I was at a friends house last weekend, for an EIGHT hour card making bonanza!  We had a blast!  While I was there she served this AMAZING soup that's a knock off of one of Olive Garden's soup choices.  It's called Zuppa Tuscano!

It has italian sausage, bacon, onions, garlic, potatoes, chicken broth, heavy cream and kale in it and boy oh boy is it YUMMY!!  :)    I loved the soup so much, I  decided to make a pot of my own! I was so excited about making it, I forgot to take pictures, but thought I'd do this post anyway, just so I could give you the link to the recipes.

Here's the link, but I've also included the recipe
 from the website too.

I served it with a Tuscan Boule bread and a variety of cheeses...
everyone here loved it! It was quiet at our table...
that must tell you something with three boys eating, they loved every bite!

Hope you make it and enjoy it as much as we did!


I'll be showing you some of the cards I made at that
8 hour card making party next,
so stay  tuned!!! :)
We had so much fun!


Robyn said...

Go. Lay. Down. Now. ;-) Love, Robyn

claudia b said...

Glad to hear surgery went well - take care of yourself!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I'm glad everything went well and you are on the mend! I'm smiling because whenever I have surgery, while I'm recuperating all I think about is food and recipes and watching Food Network LOL! This looks like a good recipe and I can't wait to check out the website, too! Rest and get pampered XO!

Sherri said...

So glad you surgery went well! Rest and get well soon. Thanks for the recipe and the website. I hadn't heard of that website either.

Lemon Lane Studio said...

Hi Missy, I'm glad the surgery part is behind you. Don't rush into normal mom mode too soon. Enjoy the rest. I can't wait to see your paper creations...Blessings, Patty

Patty said...

Oh yeah, I moved blog sites over to Typepad...come say Hi. I signed my comment with the new address. Patty

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Missy.....Glad to hear that everything went well for you and you got back on the computer so fast! You must be recooperating well! Recipe sounds delicious, especially on a chilly day like today!~Hugs, Patti

aimee said...

i have made it a couple of times before! it is very delish!

FairfieldHouse said...

This is my favorite soup! Thanks for sharing.
I certainly hope you have a lap top and are in bed.

Your Friend,

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Right now I am sooo starved and that is my favorite Olive garden soup! I am behind the times too, I have never heard of the site, I am going to check it out. Glad you are recovering well, thanks for your visit and comment, I would love to find $50!!!


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