Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gingerbread House Tradition... Treasures and Trinkets Thursday!

Gingerbread and Treasures and Trinkets Thursday!

My little man and I have had a Christmas
tradition of making cookies
and building a gingerbread house for as far
back as I can remember.

It's so nice to have something
to look forward to each year.

Here is our 2010
Gingerbread House Tour!

This  is my little man's,
"mommy, are you seriously going to put this
picture in your blog" look.
(oh yes I am!)

Ain't he the sweetest?!~

Ok, Ok....I know you didn't come to see my little man,
so here is what we do!
Since we don't eat the gingerbread houses,
I generally buy a kit on clearance after
Christmas for the next year. I keep it in the garage and
so far we've been lucky...they've kept just fine.
(you could also pay full price too, but I'm cheap!)

This is Carson helping me cut up the little green
gum drops to add to our little wreath above
the door. This is the first year
we've ever thought of doing a wreath!

Didn't the wreath turn out cute!
Oh my, so adorable!
The bow is just a gum drop cut up too!

We did candles in the windows too.
Just icing and a teeny tiny slice of a gumdrop for the flame!
(that was my favorite feature this year!)

Up close shot of the wreath....

Major look of satisfaction going on in
this picture!
Yep, he's always so proud of his work!

What traditions do you have in your family?
I would love to hear about them!

Have a Very Merry CHRISTmas!!

Now Link up something for
Treasures & Trinkets Thursday!
Link up something you love and
grab my button for your blog if you're
feeling generous!
I'm putting this out early, cause I'm taking the
rest of the week off for Christmas!
Hope you guys have a wonderful
CHRISTmas this year!


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I used to do that with my boys...seems like yesterday. I didn't use a kit though. Let's put it this way...they didn't look as good as yours but we have good memories! I do love the candles in the window and the wreath...also sweet pics of Carson! Merry, Merry!~Patti

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

he's a cutie! :) I love the candles in the window, that's really sweet!
great idea to buy them on clearance.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Love these pics...such a special time for you both! I'll be linking up later, the linky's being fussy right now! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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