Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Decorating!

Hey everyone, hope you’re having a blessed day!
To be honest, I’m a little more than tired today…we had some storms roll through about 2:30 am and they woke me up…..I’ve been awake ever since and I look something like this today…..

My attitude may, or may not, reflect the look on that chick’s face as well.  :0)  hee hee hee
Today I thought I’d show you my Easter Tree that I decorated for my kitchen.  I bought this little feather tree replica at our local Peddler’s Mall and I use it on several different occasions.  I decorate it for Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter…and if I’m feeling particularly spunky, the 4th of July.  (but I’m usually craving change by then and stick the tree in the closet until winter!)
Here’s my nekked little tree before I do anything to it! Smile(those are little pink rosebuds on the end of the branches)

Here it is all decked out in it’s Easter attire…..
Easter Tree
I love all the little bunnies around the bottom and the stuffed one on top!

Here’s where I put my little chick that has attitude…..

I found these beauties at the Dollar Store last year…they are covered with teeny tiny little clear beads that just make them glisten!

Well that’s it…my Easter Tree Eggstravanza! How do you decorate for Easter? Or do you?

Easter Tree
I’ll be showing you my Easter Mantel on Thursday, so come back for Treasures and Trinkets linky party!!
Have a Beautiful day!


Lemon Lane Studio said...

What a cute tree Missy. I did not put out a single decoration this year so it is so nice to see your festive little tree.

aimee said...

adorable ! i hope you get some sleep tonight.

Marilyn said...

I didn't decorate this year because I've been busy working on our Literacy Celebration at school next week and am ready to print our school's first cookbook in 30 years. And I don't have a clear surface--everything is covered with stuff for Sarah's wedding. Good thing I'm not having Easter dinner here!! ♥♫

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Cute Missy! We're about to get storms... trying to get all my stuff done before I lose power! hehehe
be safe girl! get some sleep!

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