Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A “SPECIAL” Delivery…


Well today was a wonderful day!
This morning I heard the doorbell ring and looked out my bedroom window to see our mail lady, Darla, standing at my front door.  I opened up the window and yelled down for her to just leave the package she had in her hands because I was a  mess.…still in my pj’s, no make-up and hair in a sort of ponytail. (you know the half falling down kind) :-0

I went downstairs and grabbed my package out of the rain and got all giddy when I saw who it was from!  Cindy, from Cindy’s Fractured Fairy Tale!  Now if you don’t know Cindy, you’ll have to hop on over to her blog and see the amazing talent this gal has!  Anyway, I ran upstairs and plopped on my bed to rip open the large envelope. (yep, it felt like Christmas again!)

Here’s what was inside the envelope……

how to wrap a pretty package

Isn’t it a lovely little package…all tied up with a purple bow and vintage earring.    Just so pretty.  I grabbed my camera to take a couple of shots because I just knew I would want to remember what special care she took in wrapping my surprise.  And OH, what a surprise it was!

vintage earrings

Just look at what was inside that pretty little package all tied up with string….
This is now one of my favorite things!…..

Cindy's Fractured Fairy Tale

Yes, she sent me a painting that SHE painted just for ME!  I’m always telling her what an amazing artist she is, and she got on my blog and looked around to see my house colors and actually painted me this beautiful picture.  Yes…I cried.    You blogger friends sure know how to make a gal cry!

When Linda, from Itsy Bits and Pieces, sent me those beautiful ornaments for Christmas I cried…
Remember these??… Beautiful and so special!

vintage christmas ornaments

When Patty, from Lemon Lane Cottage,  sent me the beautiful baby blanket she handmade for Sweet Pea, I cried….


Either I’m getting mushy in my old age, or you gals are just amazing. (I think it’s you gals are just amazing!)

Now back to my beautiful painting!  It goes in so many rooms in my home that I’ve just been walking around and around looking for the perfect spot.  I still haven’t settled on where it’s going to hang, but it’s just perfect….in every little way!

beautiful rose picture

I promise, these pictures just don’t do it justice….It’s so deep and realistic.  (and I can still smell the paint…it’s so fresh!)

picture of a rose

Cindy is SO just have to go over and see the amazing cows and sheep she’s painted.  They’re so light and airy…almost misty. :0)  I’m tellin’ ya, she’s good!
Look how good my painting goes with my throw I just got from TJ Maxx…it looks so pretty with the pink.  See why I’m having such a terrible time trying to figure out where to put it…it looks good EVERYWHERE! :0)

the perfect rose

Thank you Cindy, from the bottom of my heart….you’re such a blessing and a joy to have as a friend!

Love you Cindy, and ALL my blogging buddies. I just can’t imagine if I had never started this blog…oh how many wonderful relationships I would be missing out on!

I am blessed.



Victoria said...

That is beautiful Missy! She most certainly is talented and a very good friend too...but that must mean you're also a very treasured friend to her for her to do something so special for you:)

I sure wish my mailman came that early, I sit around like an anxious puppy waiting for him when I'm expecting a package:)

Fairfield House said...


What a beautiful and generous surprise! Cindy is a very gifted artist and good friend.


Marilyn said...

Sweet surprise! ♥♫

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I seen the painting this morning on her blog. You lucky, lucky girl! She is so talented! I think she will be famous one day! Make sure you blog where you finally put it!~Hugs, Patti

Sherri said...

Missy, what an absolutely beautiful painting!! I love the colors. What a very thoughtful present Cindy sent you!! You are one lucky woman!! ENJOY it!

Leave It To Davis said...

Yes, you are blessed!!! Not only are you blessed with talent yourself, but you are blessed with talented friends! That is a gorgeous painting!!! I am green with envy!!!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Gorgeous! What an amazing gift!


❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Oh Missy! What a sweet and blessed treasure to receive! The painting is absolutely beautiful. Cindy must, indeed, think of you as a very special friend.
I'm going over to her blog right now to see her work.

Oh, I'm a big cry baby, too. Always have been and, most likely, always will be :) My dil's greatest joy is to make me cry...haha!

Made In The South said...

What a picture, you are right it will go almost anywhere.
I will have head over there and checkout her blog. You really do have some wonderful blog friends.
Have a fabulous weekend,

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