Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tea at Two

tea party

Hey everyone! I wanted to show you some pictures of our ladies tea we had at our church on Saturday, April 20th.  Six ladies from our church, including myself, each took a table as a hostess. We decorated with real china, silver, flowers, linens etc.  This is my table……

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how to have a tea

The china I used for my table was my mom’s, she gave it to me as a family heirloom.  Both my grandfathers (her dad and my dad’s father) got the entire set for her by filling their cars with gasoline. Each time they got gas, they received pieces of the china.  I think that’s so cool that gas stations gave away fine china!  Too bad we don’t have anything like that anymore. :0)  I have every piece of that china you can imagine…..teapot, sugar, creamer, gravy boat, 24 piece place settings of plate, bread plate, cup and saucer, salad plate, berry bowl, soup bowl…..even down to vegetable bowls and salt and pepper shakers.  I imagine they bought a LOT of gas to get that many pieces of china!

tea party ideas

The rest of these tables were the other ladies….it was such a wonderful day! We had scones, cucumber sandwiches, beef and Swiss on rye, chicken salad in phyllo cups, cookies,  little cheesecakes, clotted cream, lemon curd, candy, tea and punch.

tea party

This table is my mom’s….she had a Victorian theme.  Pink roses, pearls, and cameos.  So pretty!

tea party ideas

victorian tea

I love all the pinks and pastels that were used to decorate.  Each table was so lovely.

tea party ideas

The table with the peacock was our Junior Hostess table.  We had a sweet group of teenage girls from our church act as hostesses for each table…they were in charge of filling teacups, glasses and making sure we had plenty of food on the plates at all times.  They did a great job!

ladies tea

Hope you enjoy looking at the rest of the photos….we had such a great time!

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how to have a tea party

how to have a tea

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tea for two

Have a great day!

Missy :0)


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Your table is lovely, Missy, and it looks like a wonderful time! I was able to travel to the luncheon at my mom's church last year, and sit at her table!

Karen H said...

Your table is gorgeous,Missy! The other tables are lovely, as well. Looks like y'all had lots of fun!

Marilyn said...

It all looks wonderful! But, I am partial to your table!! Those activities are a lot of work and so much fun to attend. You all had a LOT of yummy looking food, too. When I was young (!), I remember some stores offered "stamps" and we licked them and stuck them in "books" and could go to the stamp store and buy a wide variety of items. More expensive things required more books. I love the story about your dishes and buying gas! TTFN.♥♫

Leave It To Davis said...

Beautiful tables and appetizing food....made me hungry....guess I will have to make a trip to the kitchen now.

I bought my daughter's dishes from Apple Tree (or Safeway...not sure which it was called at the time) for a dollar or two when I bought so much in groceries. I got the entire set for her that way. I also got the Funk and Wagnell encyclopedia from them for a buck or two for each volume with so much of a purchase....got all but the last three volumes....they sped it up at the end and made you buy all the rest at once and I didn't have enough money to complet it. So, when she had a report on George Washington, she had to get information from the library at school. lol

Fairfield House said...


What a wonderful event! The tables are gorgeous and the food looks delicious. Soon enough your little Sweet Pea will be helping you at these types of events!

Your Friend,

Decor To Adore said...

Oh I love this gorgeous fun.

Please stop by the blog today.

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