Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to Make a Skeleton Key Picture

Howdy friends! I have been a busy bee lately working on many projects around the house, but wanted to stop long enough to show you my latest one. 

I went to some yard sales a couple of weeks ago and found this frame…still brand new in the packaging for $3.00….can you say SCORE! (it had a clearance price tag from Michaels on it for $16.99…I like $3.00 much better!)

how to frame skeleton keys

I took the frame apart and pulled out my handy dandy 3M Spray Mount Adhesive for a little fun!

how to mount fabric

I used a scrap of my drop cloth and cut it to the size of the back piece to the frame and used my 3M to adhere it like this….

drop cloth

See how nice it looks with the mat on top….


I had a ring of skeleton keys that Home Interior put out a few years ago and I took them apart.  I used my hot glue gun to adhere a different key to each panel of my mat.

how to frame a skeleton key

I put a small one on each side, and a longer one in the middle for balance…..

skeleton keys

I just put my frame back together and…..Walla, a nice new picture for my farm house dining room that I’m working on!

farm house decor

Now to find just the right place to put it…hmmm…..I’m still thinking! 

Hope you guys have a wonderful, blessed week!

Bye Ya’ll!



Fairfield House said...

Your mounted keys will surely compliment your newly decorated dining room! Question: Did you place the glass over the keys? {I can't tell if the frame was deep enough to do that.}
Enjoy your upcoming vacation! No better place to restore, refresh and rejuvenate than the sea.
Your Friend,

Marilyn said...

Very cute for any room. You do find some great bargains! Too hot for me to be out shopping. Or am I just lazy? Well, it is summer time and I have one week left before I go back to school. I still have one side of my kitchen to paint! Just doing the top cabinets and leaving the bottom ones alone. Saw a kitchen where that was how it was in the latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens. So that will work for me! Besides, painting was a lot more work than I planned!♥♫

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love it, Missy! Great idea to use the drop cloth as a backing, too!

Cindy said...

Cool! It's charming... I can't wait to see your dining room. All the things i've seen that you're going to put in it are amazing...


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