Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Been Away too Long!

Hey sweet friends!  I know I’ve been away from my blog for a while, but we’ve had a lot of life things going on around here, but things seem to be settling down.  TJ has finally recovered from his spinal fusion on his neck, and is doing SO much better! What a blessing for him to be out of pain! :0)

I have so much to show you and talk about, but first I wanted to give you an update on Lucy, the little girl that needs surgery for a new ear.  She will be having her surgery in exactly 6 weeks from now!  Thanks so much for your generosity, I saw her in Walmart with her momma yesterday, and they are both ready for their big adventure, and Lucy’s new ear!

"ears" to Lucy

I have some new stuff in my dining room I want to show you, but I have to take a few more pictures to be able to show you everything, but I’ll leave you with a sneak peek of what I’ve been up to!

sneak peek

Any guesses?! It’s really pretty….and you can do it too!

I’ll show you in my next post!



Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well and Lucy is getting her surgery! Looking forward to seeing your project! XO

Cindy said...

What a precious little girl... she couldn't possibly be any cuter!
And, what in the world do you have up your sleeve? Can't wait to see!


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