Monday, October 14, 2013

Garden Shed Twist

I’m trying to get back to reality after my This Old House Magazine cover fun, so I thought I’d show you the “twist” to my garden shed we had built this summer!
Are you ready?
Here’s our garden shed the way it was the last time I showed it to you….

garden shed

Well, I made a bit of an addition to my shed, and it all started because of these………….

front door ideas

Nope, not the topiaries, but the side light windows on each side of my door.  When we had someone come to our door and knock, they could very easily see into our house….I  just wasn’t comfortable with that! So we happened to be walking through Lowes one day and saw these…..REPLACEMENT SIDE LIGHTS!

replacement sidelights

They are the perfect way to add instant charm to your home and also keep people from seeing in.  They are glass, but the only part that is completely clear is the little beveled pieces that make up the pretty part of the stained glass.   They were really easy to install too…there’s complete instructions inside the box, but honestly, all you do is unscrew the old ones, pop them out, clean up the area a little, and pop these in and screw them back together.  It was probably the easiest project we’ve ever done in our house!  Now it looks like this….

stained glass side lights

stained glass

Cute huh?! I love them, and I really love the fact that people can’t see into our house anymore!

putting in new sidelights

OK…now back to the shed! Ya’ll know how I LOVE to repurpose things right?  Well I had these two perfectly adorable clear sidelights that we had removed, so there was no way I was gonna throw them away.  You already know what I’m going to say don’t you?!  Yep, I installed them in the shed! (a friend of mine came over to help me…it was a two person job for sure)

You wanna see?! Ok, here she is all painted with a pretty color called Cappacino, with her new sidelight windows!….

cute garden shed

Don’t those little side windows just make it the most charming little garden shed ever?! I thought I loved my little shed before, but I LOVE it even more since we installed the sidelights! OH…and check out the adorable handles I put on!  I found them at Tuesday Morning for $2.99 each!  I have some more plans for my cute little shed, like maybe a little porch out front, and some landscaping,  but they’ll have to wait a while…lots of other projects I’m working on for now.

What do you think? :0)



NanaDiana said...

My gosh, Missy. What a GREAT idea. I love how they look and I love your new sidelights in the front doors. Both are perfect!!! xo Diana

Victoria said...

How darling! Your little shed is going to be amazing! Love your sidelights too. And I LOVE the color of your front door!

My Repurposed Life said...

great job Missy with both projects! :)

love your garden shed! It's adorable.

Marilyn said...

Two great looks! Of course, when you build your own shed, you know you are going to have to buy some windows for that one! I really do love the look of leaded glass windows and would love to have one of my windows replaced with something like yours.♥♫

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Both projects turned out great...and I am wondering if something like that would work on my door...

The Mac's House said...

oh oh oh what a great idea!!! I just saw one of those at the ReStore and now I'm thinking might have to go back and get one to open up the shed with a little more light. GREAT IDEA!!!

Peggy said...

Oh Missy,

It is absolutely adorable! I love the new sidelights and how your repurposed the old side lights. Your shed is darling as well!

Cindy said...

Cool! I love the new windows, they look wonderful! Still glass, but now you can't see in! Plus, they look like clear stained glass windows... and of course you totally made the shed more charming with the windows you pulled out, because you are amazing!


Anonymous said...

That looks fabulous.

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