Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I don't know about the rest of you, but I've been spring cleaning this week and I'm whipped! I didn't know so much gunk could gather under a washer and dryer in such a short period of time! I hadn't had breakfast yet when I started cleaning the utility room and discovered a new totally lose your appetite after cleaning goo from under appliances.....yes, I did skip breakfast! BLAH!! LOL

I thought I would share some of the pics I took while cleaning my room and making my bed. My bed is high off the ground and fat & fluffy when I make it up..I thought you might like to see how it gets so full and fluffed up. :) Since I had been cleaning like a mad woman and everything was nice and sparkling, I thought this would be a good time to break out my new sheets! There is just nothing else in the whole world like sliding down beneath a new set of sheets and snuggling into all those blankies.... Ahhhhh..........makes me want to go to bed, but I'll finish this post first! :)

Okay, here is my naked mattress awaiting it's great make-over! :)

Here are my new, wonderful, pink, high thread count sheets!! They're calling my name!

I start by putting on the fitted sheet, like everyone else does! :-) Then I put on the flat sheet, but when you put on that one, make sure you leave enough at the top to fold down over all your other blankets etc when you get them on.

This is a wonderful woven, thermal blanket that I've had forever, but it's still in great shape and very soft and it goes next!

After the thermal, I have a big, thick, soft, incredibly fluffy, down filled comforter. I use this all year long. (I do take off the thermal blanket during the summer months, but this I use all the time)

Here is where I fold down the flat sheet to make a nice envelope effect at the top of the bed. Just makes it look nice and neat and also keeps everything in place. My mom used to use very large safety pins and pin all this made it SO much easier to make up in the was all pinned together, nice & neat. I tuck everything under the mattress at this point on three sides.

Here is my super lovely chenille bedspread. I have used this thing forever and it stays beautiful, even after repeated washings. :)

Next are my many, many pillows! I use two large white matlesse' pillow shams in the back (kinda hard to see in this pic), then I put on my two shams from TJ Maxx, called Ribbon Posey. Then I layer on my accent pillows.

I love the little ties on the blue gingham one. See the pretty little pink, neckroll pillow? My mom took my little guy home with her one day and they came back with this pillow that she had helped him make for me. That makes this one special pillow! :)

Last but not least is my bed tray.....every bed needs one of those..........don't you think? :) I'm gonna do a post on just the bed tray later. :) It has some really cute things on it!

I'm glad you were with me while I was doing some spring cleaning..........see I think of you guys all the time...even when I'm cleaning house! :)
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Hope you enjoyed helping me make my bed.. Have a blessed day!


Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

I love your bed, it looks like a bed and breakfast! So sweet!!! I hope that you had a great Easter!!!

Unknown said...

So cozy and beautifl bed!!!


Tammy/Yesterday's Cottage said...

You clean UNDER the washer and dryer?!!! Uh oh - maybe I shouldn't be so proud of what I did this week. I thought cleaning all the baseboards, doors and door frames with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser was cause for celebration!! LOL!

afistfullofweeds* said...

Aawweee. Is it that time again??? The thought of cleaning anything, any season, just dosen't excite me one little bit!! I'll clean under my washer and dryer when we move in a couple of months!! LOL! Rhonda

afistfullofweeds* said...

I do Loves me a fluffy bed though!!!!!

Atticmag said...

Pretty bed Melissa. I've been spring cleaning too! Hope you'll come by Atticmag for our really useful giveaway. -- Jane F.

Mom2fur said...

Everything is lovely! Your little boy sure did a great job on that pillow!

My Cottage Charm said...

Yes Tammy, I do clean UNDER the washer and dryer!!! lol (and on occasion, under the stove and fridge too!) :-D You're too funny!
Rhonda, I'd wait to clean under there until I moved too! I don't enjoy's just someone has to do it........and guess who got the job! :0)

Carolyn said...

You are inspiring me to get my spring cleaning done! Not so sure I want to carry the camera around with me! ;) Dirt I don't care to share!
Cottage Sunshine

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

Beautiful - springy and relaxing!

Love 'n Light said...

This looks lovely and cosy...I'm sure you must love spending time resting on this bed, with a good book!

Thanks for invite to 'trinkets and treasures'...I will post something soon. I haven't been around much lately.

LL Nat:~)

A Southern Rose said...

I love your bedpsread with all of the shams and pillows. It looks so 'springy' and comfortable. I have really got to get busy with my spring cleaning! You have inspired me.

Lee Laurie

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

I'm getting fired up to do the spring clean too.....Your bed looks delish. It's one of my very favorite things.....clean sheets and bedding......and a good book.

Warm blessings,

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