Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Décor!

I’ve already shown you my Valentine Mantel


But I have another place in my home that I’ve been beautifying for
Valentines Day….
it’s my foyer shelf that I showed you how
to make here.



I added some pale pink candles
that I bought from the Dollar Tree.  
The red heart is the bottom to a valentines box..
I used the top on my mantel with the
“Be Mine” vinyl on it.
Here’s my little yard sale greenhouse….


I filled it full of shredded paper for
gift bags and some 
ornaments I got
marked 75% off after Christmas. (.50 a pack)
(just turn the hangers around and tuck them in
so no one knows they’re ornaments)

You can see some of the hangers here,
but you can’t from the front!

This is a gift box I got marked down after
Valentines Day last year.
It’s really cool, it has a magnetic closure.


I just tied a pretty silk ribbon around it and sprinkled on some heart-shaped confetti…


This is my most favorite wreath I’ve ever found!
It came from Tuesday Morning and it was on clearance  for $19.00!

I LOVE it!


Well, that’s it for the tour of my Valentine Shelf!

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Hope you guys have a great day!
linking up to Just a Girl

I started out with  the three candlesticks that
I re-vamped back in the summer.
Remember them, they used to be brass?
(If you wanna see the tutorial..go here)



FairfieldHouse said...


Your Valentine vignette is beautiful. I love the wreath too. I have one like it (unfortunately the cost was NOT similar!) The shelf you created allows you to showcase your Valentines! One question: Where is Sweet Pea's photograph?

Your Friend,

Anonymous said...

Your shelf looks so pretty. Valentines Day is the perfectly set in your pink decor. I love that wreath, too. Have a wonderful week and don't forget to breathe!

Kelly said...

Good morning! I love this! The shelf and the wreath are my favorites. Gotta love Tuesday Morning!

I'm sponsoring a giveaway here...

I'd love if you'd visit and enter! :)


Sherri said...

Missy, you did a wonderful job-I love that shelf and wreath!!

A Southern Rose said...

Looks so pretty. Love the wreath and the shelf. Love it all.

Lee Laurie

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Looks "love"ly and festive! I am still working on mine...Have a beautiful day!~Hugs, Patti

Sara S. said...

The wreath is gorgeous! It was the first thing to catch my eye, I really love the greenhouse too though.

Cindy said...

GASP! Your wreath is beautiful! Those look like real roses! What a sweet valentines vignette...


Susan said...

Your wreath is beautiful! All your decorations are so pretty!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

so cute! the greenhouse is my favorite! love it!

Unknown said...

Happy Valentine!
Love your wreath!


whimages said...

I love it all! I'm especially in love with your yard sale GREENHOUSE! SCORE!

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