Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Signs of the Times…

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve already heard this story, but I had to share it on here…I thought it was so funny and cute! (you can follow me on FB and Twitter on my sidebar if you’d like)
For those of you that are newer around here, you probably don’t know I homeschool my 10 year old son Carson, we call him C-note. (ain’t he a cutie pie!) :0)
We started school this week and I asked him to write his spelling words in the dreaded cursive!  (such a bad mom, I know! lol) As he was sitting in his dad’s recliner working, he got about third of the way down the page and exclaimed, “oh no, I’m writing them in the wrong font”! 
I got really tickled, so he was embarrassed, but it was so doggone cute!  When I was 10, I didn’t even know what a font was….my how the times have changed!

Do you have any funny stories about things your kids have said?..I’d love to hear them! (it would probably make him feel better too!) :0)


Melissa said...

lol that's too funny!!

I'm so glad that you are teaching him cursive writing! =) Most schools have done away with teaching cursive writing due to technology/computers/everything electronic. =( so sad!

Melissa said...

On another note, whenever we have kids, I definitely wanna home school! lol

afistfullofweeds* said...

What a brave soul you are to homeschool... Iam definately not smarter than a fifth grader, so....No home schooling around here!! Your c-note is a doll!!

Victoria said...

He is so cute! When my boys were little we called my oldest "Mikey" for Michael and my middle one "Nicky" for Nicholas. My youngest is called Christian and I never let any of his teachers shorten it to Chris so he was taught to write his name out in full. One day he came home with his paper and he had written "Christ" on top of them all. I asked him why he was writing Christ on top and he said "That's my nickname mom" LOL. He wanted to have a nickname like his big brothers!

Happy Homeschooling, I think it's wonderful that you homeschool and looking back at how quickly time passes I wish I would have too!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

that young'n sure is a cutie!
Very funny (sweet) story! Times are a changin'.

Melissa Thorn said...

Love your blog (and we share the same name!), When my now 16 year old was about 8 she was drawing a picture of hearts and she suddenly piped up and said 'Why do we call them love hearts, anyway? You don't love with your heart. You love with your soul'. It's stayed with me.

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