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Guest Post from Amy at Mod Podge Rocks..

Hey Everyone, I’m so excited that Amy, from Mod Podge Rocks, is guest posting here today! Amy has an awesome blog with so many craft and DIY projects it’ll make your head spin! (in a good way!)  Let’s see what she has for us today……here’s AMY!!

This is Amy from Mod Podge Rocks, so pleased to be here today!
I have been blogging for almost four years at MPR, and I am (as you can guess) addicted to crafts and DIY. I love creating, but I also love writing. I co-own Decor Hacks with Heather Mann, and I contribute to's The New Home Ec .  Not to mention that I have a new book coming out this June called Mod Podge Rocks. You could say I keep busy.

I hope you enjoy my photo block. I made it with bright colors and papers because that's what I like, but you can customize it to fit your decor. Here's how I made it!

mod podge rocks

I love capturing memories through photographs, and I particularly like interesting ways of displaying them.  Regular frames are nice, but photo memory blocks add a wonderful touch to your home décor – and you can get very crafty with them!  Consider using a photo memory block to decorate your child’s room or you desk at work.  Here’s how I made mine.

Wood Memory Block – mine is a 6” square
FolkArt Acrylic Paint, coordinating colors – I used Lemon Custard, Hot Pink and Yellow Citron
Mod Podge Matte, 8 oz.
Scrapbook paper, 1 sheet per canvas – I used K & Company’s Berry Sweet papers
Embellishments – I used K & Company’s Berry Sweet collection, as well as a few buttons, paper flowers and rhinestones from my stash
Craft Glue
Flat Paint Brush
Craft Knife and Mat or Scissors

mod podge rocks

Start by trimming your paper to fit the sides of your wood block.  My craft mat has a ruler guide so I was able to quickly measure and cut a 5 1/2" square – I wanted to leave a 1/4" border around all side of the paper so that I could see the paint.  I cut six squares out of three sheets of paper, choosing coordinating papers so that they would look good together.

mod podge rocks

Paint your block with the acrylic paint and flat paint brush.  You don’t have to paint the entire side of the block since you’ll be applying paper over it; just paint the edges.  I applied three coats to each side.  Allow to dry.

mod podge rocks

Now that your wood block is dry, apply the Mod Podge.  Use a medium layer and coat well. Apply the paper to the center of the block and smooth it down thoroughly with your fingers or a brayer.  If Mod Podge comes out the sides, that is fine – simply wipe it away with your brush.  Apply the papers to all sides of the block and allow to dry for 15 – 20 minutes. 

TIP: I applied Mod Podge to the corners and edges of my paper before smoothing down – this helps since the edges are the first thing to dry!

mod podge rocks

Next add a coat of Mod Podge on top of the paper.  Allow to dry and add a second coat, covering the whole block.  The fun part is next!

mod podge rocks

mod podge rocks

Now add the images and embellishments with craft glue.  Get creative!  I planned my picture sizes first and printed them all out before I glued anything down.  You don’t have to fill the entire block with one photo; check this finished side out:

mod podge rocks

You can also do a few photos on one side and add embellishments around them.  I had so much fun!  Here’s another finished side:

mod podge

Add photos and embellishments to all sides, except for the bottom and the top (unless you want to).  Now I have something for my desk at work to remind me of my sweet dogs when they are at home and I’m in front of the computer.

Thank you Missy, for having me today! Please feel free to visit me at Mod Podge Rocks anytime, or follow me on Facebook  or

Have a great day!

THANKS Amy for sharing such a great craft with us, it was such a treat to have you on My Cottage Charm! Why don’t you guys go over and check out some of Amy’s other crafts on her fabulous blog, Mod Podge Rocks


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the feature, I really appreciate it!!

Barbe @ Beez Rental Designs said...

This was so cute and the tutorial is so easy to follow. I'm going to try to make one for my granddaughter!
I'm a new follower on GFC, Networked blog, and Linky Follower; appreciate it if you'll follow back. Sooo looking forward to completion of your dining room project!

Cindy said...

That's such a cute idea!, and it looks like fun too... i'm over there to check out her site!


Sarah said...

This is such a lovely idea! I'm going to have to whip up a few over spring break! Thank you for the inspiration!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

This is really a fun project! A really creative way to display photos...and having 2 pugs myself, you had me right away lol!

Decor To Adore said...

What a happy spring project!

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