Thursday, May 16, 2013


Hi Ya’ll!!
You remember I told you all I had a really big project coming up that had nothing to do with me or our house? 

This is it…….our church nursery!

How to decorate a nursery

I’m not sure when the last time the nursery was decorated, but I’m sure it has been a while since it has country teddy bear border….it is well past due for an update…it’s looking a little tired and dated.

nursery ideas

Here’s a couple more pics of what it looks like now…….

safari nursery

nursery decorating ideas

how to decorate a nursery

A group of ladies at the church (and a few men as well) all volunteered to pitch in with the work and help get this nursery all updated and new!  We have a budget of $2,500.00 to get it all done….that includes new flooring, furniture, bathroom and everything else to boot!  I think with some savvy shopping we can do it!

First things first….inspiration!

Here is the inspiration photo I found…..I definitely will be tweaking the design a bit, but I think this looks nice, updated and will go well with all that oak trim we can’t change or paint. :0)

Safari nursery 













Next I’ll show you some of the prep work and shopping we’ll be doing to start this project! I’m excited!




Leave It To Davis said...

How wonderful of all of you to volunteer your time for this venture. I hope all goes well and stays within budget! I am sure YOU can do whatever you put your mind to...I've watched you do it!!! :) You are truly amazing.

Marilyn said...

You might stay under budget, but there will be many things that just "show up" as the project is moving along. That seems to be the way it goes when loving and generous people volunteer for this sort of project! I'll be watching for your updates.Sounds like an exciting project.♥♫

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

What a great project! I can't wait to see how it turns out! Knowing you, it will be wonderful!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

It will look great Missy, when it's done!

Great colors!


Cindy said...

Oh boy, i can't wait to watch this!! The first thing i thought when i saw the photo, was "paint the oak trim"... ha! Oh well, you'll make it wonderful i'm sure. I love that peach chair with the rest of the colors in the inspiration room too. It is an unexpected and delightful pop of color!


My Repurposed Life said...

ohhh what a fun project! I can't wait to see it come to life. :)


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