Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Operation Organization!

Hi all!  I am FINALLY all better from my epic illness! I have never been that sick in my whole life, and I never want to repeat it either!
After I got my energy back, I decided to have a Operation Organization for the month of January! I filled the entire front page (double columns) of things to organize in our home in the month of January, and I’m pleased to say I only have one room left to go! Except for the one room that’s left, every drawer, cabinet, piece of furniture, closet, under bed……….well, lets just say every nook and cranny of our house has been gone through, purged and organized! I’m feeling quite accomplished! :0)

Today I thought I’d show you one area of our house that has bugged me since we moved in…………under the kitchen sink! I was too embarrassed to show you the before pic of what it looked like, so here it is all empty! :0)

Before shot of sink

You can see in the picture above, that there’s swelling from where there was a water leak before we bought our house, and stains from various things that had been stored down there.   I decided it was time to cover it up! I had some leftover peel and stick tiles from my laundry room makeover that I though would be perfect for this job. 
First I scrubbed the floor of the cabinet with hot soapy water, rinsed and let it dry thoroughly.  Then I started laying out whole tiles from the front to the back.  I measured where I needed to make the cuts…………….

how to organize your sink

and transferred the measurements to the back of the tiles like this…..(see the marks?)

cutting peel and stick

Then all I did was make three or four passes with my utility knife against the edge of my level that was on the marks, then just snapped the piece of tile off.  It really is that simple.

how to cut peel and stick tile

Then I just peeled and stuck it all down in place…….doesn’t that look better?!!!  It only took 6 tiles and you can buy them individually at Lowes, so the whole thing would be about 6 bucks! That’s a lot of improvement for 6 dollars! :0)

organizing under your kitchen sink

I’m still going to get a caddy to put my cleaners in when I get to Walmart, but it’s still better than it was.  I don’t use a lot or harsh cleaners anyway, mostly vinegar, baking soda and peroxide. I use ammonia occasionally. but I’d rather go as non-toxic as possible whenever possible.

kitchen sink

Am I the only one that goes completely organizing crazy in January? We really want to tackle our garage, but our temps have been CRAZY cold around here…I’m talking –27 degree wind chill…brrrr, so the garage will have to wait until Spring!

What have you been organizing?

Oh…and thank you to everyone for your sweet comments and get wells, I really appreciate it. I love you guys!




Patty Marker said...

I am so behind in getting things organized around here. You have me motivated now. Glad you are all better and raring to go!

NanaDiana said...

Missy- You and I think alike. I have been doing the same thing! And, I also tiled under every sink in the house here when we moved in. It make clean up such a breeze, doesn't it? I love the dark tiles you used. xo Diana

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You are one organized lady, Missy! We are doing a lot of organizing in the kitchen with the re-decorating we're working on. But that's about it. So glad you are feeling better! I'm just finished with antibiotics and am finally starting to feel better, too...quite a bug, wasn't it?

Diann said...

I am so glad you are feeling better Missy! I think you already know what I have been organizing....or trying to purge anyway! LOL

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