Monday, March 15, 2010

Cottage Kitchen Makeover Dissection-TOILE WALLPAPER

I fell in love with this wallpaper the minute I saw it! You'll never guess the name of this paper..........

It's called Victorian Charm. :) I think that's very fitting for My Cottage Charm blog, don't ya think!? This paper is made by The Warner Company and is a pastel, powdery pink on a lovely cream background. I'll give you one guess where I bought it..... EBAY! :) I know, I know I'm addicted....I wonder if there's a 12 step recovery program to get off Ebay? LOL

Here's a little peek of an area that's papered....I couldn't exactly show you every area. :) This area is one I didn't show you in my Cottage Kitchen Makeover (a little surprise for you)......stay tuned to a later post, there's still more you haven't seen. (tease tease)

This was a plain wall when we moved. (A plain ORANGE wall....YUCK!)

YIKES! I like warm colors, but trust me this was not pretty in real life....we called it rotten squash!

I installed the two upright, fluted columns. (which are actually pieces that are made for the inside side openings for garagedoors) :) My husband and I installed the's painted Colonial Cream from Walmart.

I came back after I had done the "columns" and built the little shelf above it with a piece of leftover baseboard. It worked really great because I put the pretty side down and the back had a groove already in it which worked great for holding plates in place. (well the groove and some sticky tack) LOL. I also added the little trim piece under the shelf and mitered the corners to go around the make it look like a capital.

Here's a pic of the bottom of the "column", we just put it flat against the wall and put baseboard inbetween the two columns. I put little corner pieces of molding on each corner. (you can get them at Lowes) We finished the whole thing off with a piece of quarter round. I need to give it one more coat of paint.

And here's the finished product one more time!

I just LOVE it! So much better than rotten squash wouldn't you say?! :)

I am linking up to Show off Your Cottage Monday at the House in the Roses. :)



Victoria said...

That is gorgeous! And much better than orange (although I have been digging on the color orange lately for some reason). I haven't even started on Ebay because I'm afraid of getting addicted too! You and your hubby really did an awesome job on your kitchen!!!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Melissa...I am just loving that you are showing all these details of your kitchen! I showed my husband the before and after pics of your kitchen and that day we finally went out and bought our trim to dress up our island! I also ordered new counter chairs for it. You are so handy doing all your trimwork! Very impressive! Can't wait for more!~Hugs, Patti

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is just stunning. You are so handy! I love the wallpaper and bead board. You are so clever and talented. Thank you for showing how you did everything. The window hanging there is just perfect. You amaze me.

CIELO said...

Hi... thanks for visiting the house in the roses and for participating in our "show off your cottage Monday" meme.... I have now added a link box so people can copy and paste... and thanks for mentioning that. Hope to see you again next Monday.



afistfullofweeds* said...

Hi Melissa. Iam afraid it's too late....There is no known cure for the e-bay addiction! I have the same problem, so much that I even started selling! Gotta level it out,ya know.
I Love that wallpaper and all the attention to details. Great Job Girlie!! Come See me! Rhonda

Scribbler said...

Very cute -- definitely better than rotten squash!


The Decorating Diaries said...

You did a really nice job! Toile and roses are my favorite.


Denise Marie said...

Girl, you rocked the redo!! Hubby probably just wants you happy, Sweets, so you'll cook pretty meals in there with a song in your heart and a smile on your face. I love the wallpaper!!!

Unknown said...

This SUPER, I love Toile too. I did a black and white on my blog. Do you want to be friends?
I am now following your blog, come see mine.

Marilyn said...

The wooden inside garage things really make that wall look complete. Now I'll have to be looking in a new section of the store! That is a wonderful looking section of your home. ♥♪

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

This project turned out beautifully- I love the delicate toile!

Lemon Lane Studio said...

You are seriously talented...that wall looks amazing and how you came up with that from garage door thingy's! I have a lonesome wall between my dining room and kitchen that has sat blank for over two years now. I am trying to think how I can make something like that work there. Thanks for the inspiration. Patty

Terry said...

I too love ebay! It's amazing what a person can find there - can't wait to see more of your beautiful home!

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

I seriously NEED that wallpaper.
Need need need...want want want!!!!!
Please tell me whom you bought it from!
I love what you did to that realy looks beautiful!

Hugz, Dolly
come visit

My Cottage Charm said...

I bought it from Ebay a long time ago. The sellers name was frank-ant and it was listed under Toile de Jouy, but I looked and he doesn't have any listed. you might want to do a search and find him, then ask about the paper. It's actual name is Victorian Charm and it was made by the Warner Company. :) Hope you can find some! :)

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