Saturday, May 15, 2010

100 Things about me......

1. My middle name is Jane
2. My hubby calls me Janie Bird
3. I married my high school sweetheart
4. We just celebrated our 25th anniversary
5. We have 3 boys
6. I have lived in the same county most of my life.
7. I love watermelon, but hate watermelon gum
8. I could eat my weight in chocolate!
9. Pizza has been my favorite food for as long as I can remember
10. I love to decorate!! DUH! :)
11. Jesus has my heart
12. I've been a Christian since I was 7
13. I love word search puzzles
14. I've never been out of the US
15. I have been to Las Vegas, New York City, Panama City and more
16. I've visited or been through, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North & South Carolinas,Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, West Va and VA, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Texas, Nevada & Missouri. :-)
17. I live in Kentucky
18. I have had three c-sections (UGH!)
19. I am very conservative
20. I have never missed voting in an election since I was eligible to vote
21. I'm married to an amazing drummer
22. He is an endorser for Sonor Drums (ok, that's not exactly about me, but about my counts!)
23. I can sew
24. I can cook a mean roast
25. My favorite dessert is cheesecake.....just about any kind
26. I hate to paint, but love how fresh it makes everything, so I do it anyway
27. I LOVE to and veggies
28. I HATE moles, they're getting in my garden! (any suggestions on how to get rid of them?) :)
29. I love to french braid hair, but have three boys...something's not right there. :)
30. I used to have a pet duck when I was little
31. One of my childhood pets name was midnight....someone shot him for being in their field. :*(
32. I used to live in a trailer for a few years growing up
33. My mom loves to decorate and is very good at it
34. My daddy calls me sissy
35. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii
36. I hate to fly....prob why I've never been to Hawaii :) (taking off is fun, landing is the pits!)
37. I enjoy building legos with my little boy
38. I still like coloring
39. I took art lessons when I was little and painted a scene with a mexcian boy in it...I still have it.
40. My favorite color is pink (if you read my blog you probably already know that! lol)
41. I want new chandeliers for my kitchen and dining rooms
42. I LOVE LOVE LOVE yard sales (went to a bunch today......struck out though, but my little boy found good stuff!) :)
43. Soft colored floral fabrics are delightful and my fav!
44. I have a seizure disorder (haven't had one in years though) :-)
45. I like white wicker
46. I like dreamsicles
47. I used to do gymnastics
48. My eyes are blue/gray
49. I still like to watch the clouds go by and figure out what they look like
50. I HATE tornados
51. I want a basement. :)
52. I can't swim (well not very well)
53. I sing...........a LOT!
54. I love chinese food
55. I homeschool my little boy
56. Little House on the Prairie episodes can still make me cry
57. I want more than anything for my hubby to get to be a professional drummer as his main profession (he is SO gifted)
58. I NEED Sprite or Sierra Mist :)
59. I only drink coffee once or twice a year.
60. Christmas is my favorite holiday
61. I hate halloween
62. Pink dishes make me happy
63. Homemade strawberry ice cream is my favorite.
64. I used to be really good at volleyball
65. I've met the cast of Another World and Guiding Light (they were staying at the same resort we were of the cast members tried to help teach my little boy to swim) :)
66. I loved science in high school
67. I hate history
68. I build dollhouses
69. My hair is black
70. We had a pet rabbit name whiskers....he would watch tv with us (we had to give him away, I got pregnant and he was an inside rabbit)
71. I have met Lynn player for those that don't know, my hubs thinks this is important.
72. I have been on tv before (and NO it wasn't on America's Most Wanted! lol)
73. I used to be in clown clown name was Patches
74. I like to shop for my house.........hate to clothes shop and grocery shop
75. I like to play Mario on the old Nintendo system (with my little boy)
76. I have been ice skating, roller skating (4 wheels) & roller blading (inline), but never skiing
77. I have been swimming in the ocean (well, wading out really far...I told you I'm not a good swimmer)
78. Funnel Cakes make me a happy girl
79. I broke my ribs at some point in my life, but didn't know about it until I had a chest xray and they told me I had old fractures! Crazy! (pretty sure it was rollerskating though, I remember being in a LOT of pain)
80. I was attacked by a swarm of wasps when I was little. ouchy!
81. I like to walk on the beach when it's raining
82. I love the smell of salt air
83. I hate to dress up.
84. Smores.........nuff said. Mmmmm!
85. I like sappy movies
87. I hate math
88. I used to have a pig named Arnold.........but he met his demise....don't ask. :-(
89. Roses are my favorite flower
90. I LOVE Charlie Brown
91. I love the lines the vacuum cleaner makes on my floors and hate stepping on them to mess them up.
92. I think I'm OCD :) (check out number 91 if you don't agree)
93. I make wedding cakes
94. I like photography
95. I don't like the color fuschia
96. The smell of bread baking makes me happy! (and hungry! lol)
97. I would like to be rich someday. :) (just happily out of debt would do too)
98. I collect dishes.....lots and lots of dishes
99. My favorite restaurant is Raffertys
100. I like to blog! :)


Victoria said...

That was fun to read! I can't believe how much you came up with!!! I have 3 boys, all by C section also and I love the Little House re-runs too:)

afistfullofweeds* said...

Wow, You are my new best friend!! A lot in common!! Rhonda

Marilyn said...

I read your list and love Christmas and hate Halloween, too! Lots of other common threads. Glad we are bloggy friends! Thanks for sharing! ♥♫

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Melissa....Ok....that was fun! Did it exhaust you to think of all that? lol I see we do have a few more things in common than originally thought. Hope you are having a nice weekend! You sure have had your share of storms this week!~Hugs, Patti

Lemon Lane Studio said...

Besides everything I already knew we had in common...I married a phenominal drummer, too. In fact, that's how we met. Love the list! Have a great weekend. Blessings, Patty

aimee said...

i ejoyed reading your list and getting to know you. i love fresh out of the oven bread and so do my thighs :(

Robyn said...

OH that was soooo much fun~!!! I loved learning all that good fun stuff! We have so much in common that it's funny except I have NOT had a C section but I SO would LOVE my husband to make his living drumming and I too feel is is so talented!

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