Sunday, June 13, 2010

A project 18 years in the making!

Our video to our son for graduation, thought you might like to watch him grow up right in front of your eyes. I can't watch it anymore, I get a lump in my throat everytime!

Here's some of his Sr Pics

Isn't this a handsome face! (of course I'm his momma, it's my job to think he's handsome!)

He wants to be a still my heart!
sniff sniff...he makes me so proud!

Watch out ladies~!

I call this his John Stamos picture....he just reminds me of him in this picture for some reason! :)

I love this one....sigh.

He's gonna make some girl a wonderful hubby someday!

Things I love about Lincoln:

1. He has a heart of pure gold
2. He gave that heart to God a long time ago and wants to follow HIS ways.
3. Do you know he goes and helps his grandma clean house! (she gives him money, but I know he would do it without pay...he's told me so)
4. He calls the church and asks if there's anything there he can do. (he wants to be in his father's house) :)

I could write a book about all the things I love about Lincoln, but I won't put you through it...just know you will never meet a kinder, more gentle soul than my son....

Saturday my Lincoln graduated from high school!
Here are some memories of that day that'll I'll carry with me forever.

This is my son and my niece in line before the walk....

Here is the walk...

My son in Singers (an advanced choral group) singing
My Old Kentucky Home

This is what his little brother did through most of the graduation!
(we were there for over 4 hours..he had to do something)
He did listen when it was his brothers turn though.  :)

Finally his turn!

This is what a high school graduate looks like.....
proud and anxious to get out of the building! lol

A good group of kids all graduating from our church....
there are ten in all.  There was 540 that graduated!

My son and his former youth group leader...
they moved 6 hours away and drove all the way back just to see the kids graduate!~
Can you tell they like each other a little bit! :)

Back home to party!

and we partied BIG!
 This wasn't all the food!

We had about 50 people in our house and it
So much fun!

Here is what was important at the end of the day...
Our Son Graduated!
(with a B average too!)
We love him so much and we're so proud~!

Thanks for sharing in our day~!


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Missy....What a proud and glorious day for you and your family! He is a handsome young man and how great that he wants to be a minister! Looks like your party was a big success...congratulations!~Hugs, Patti

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Congratulations! Looks like a wonderful day!!

Melissa said...

it looks like everybody had an amazing time! I wish we could have been there too! The picture of him holding the Bible is wonderful. Did you take that? Looks professional! Miss ya!

Madeline's Memory said... a mother of 2 HS grads and another 2 still in the "making" I can so relate to your pride, relief, amazement!!
You should be very proud, he sounds like a wonderful man.
Enjoy, Dana

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. What a sweetheart your son is. You go ahead and enjoy your proud moments - he's a wonderful young man because of you being a wonderful mom. He's a cutie, too. Love those pictures.

Robyn said...

Missy! I had a lump in my throat and I don't even know him! He is VERY HANDSOME! I can totally see why you are so proud. GIRL...THAT was a HUGE party! You are like supermom! Everything looked yummy! I'm so impressed that you did ALL of this and still had time to blog! WOW! :-) HUGS!

Jen said...

Congratulations Lincoln and congratulations to his Mama! You have every reason to be proud sweet lady, a heart for the Lord and the face of an angel...! what a blessing your boy must be to you! Our youngest daughter Alora is 18 and single, does he ever plan on visiting Australia ;)!

Lemon Lane Studio said...

One proud deserve to be. He sounds like a great kid. You have been blessed (and a great mom I'm sure doesn't hurt either.) Congratulations.

aimee said...

congratulations! you did a great job mom :) i think it is awesome that he has such a great love for the Lord! i will pray for him. handsome boy (man).

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