Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Few Changes…

Hey everyone, hope the start of your summer is going great!
What an amazing reaction to my laundry room dresser makeover, how fun!
I’m glad everyone enjoyed it!  It just goes to show you that anything can be made pretty again with a little elbow grease and a can of paint…..cause that thing was UGLY before!!

Just wanted to let ya’ll know of a few changes I’ve made to my blog.  I guess you’ve noticed I haven’t done Treasures and Trinkets for the last couple of weeks…well, I’ve decided to put it on the back burner for the summer.  It just seems to sneak up on me every week, and with everything that’s going on around here I’m not getting to do it justice, so I’m gonna put it on hold until fall.  

You might also notice that I put some new bloggy buttons on my sidebar.  I have been wanting to re-do that over there for a while, because the  other ones took up too much space, but hadn’t found the time until this week.  So now I have a button so you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, through RSS Feed, or through your own email….just click on the buttons on the sidebar to follow in any of these areas.  The buttons look like this….
RSS feed:
and Email subscription:
There’s also a stumbleupon button if you do stumble. (if you like one of my posts, you can hit that button and it will help my blog by giving it more oomph in stumble)  :0)

I also added some pics of my favorite projects with links to each one, in case you’ve missed some to0.  For example,
How I built my island:

how to build an island

How I built my son’s built-in cabinets:

How to build built-in cabinets

How to Build a Gift Wrapping Station and MORE, so check out the sidebar…

How to Build a Gift Wrapping Station

As always, my Cottage Charm Cupcakes and More link is still on the sidebar too, in case you’d like to fill a plate or tiered server with my faux confections!

Faux cupcakes
So that’s what’s new around here!  Does anyone see anything else you think I should change….just puttin’  it out there…suggestions are always welcome!
I’ll be showing the Big REVEAL of my laundry room soon, so stay tuned!
Hope you all have an amazing day!


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Missy, you are so good at everything you do! Even all the little computer details! I hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather we are having! I am in the process of redoing our office room to be more cohesive with my new/antique chandelier in that room. I need to find another desk that will be doable for my hubby and his job. So far, I am not having a lot of luck. I guess there are always more garage sales coming up where I might strike gold. My 2 yr old granddaughter will be coming to stay with us starting Friday for a week....trying to rest up for that. Have a great day Missy!~Hugs, Patti

Marilyn said...

You can do make-overs and add things to the blog page. WOW. I can't even check voice mail...I'm too lazy to learn how. ;D Rather be doing something else-like visiting YOU. ♥♫

Mr. LC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lettered Cottage said...

I was wondering what Stumble Upon was!!! Gotta remember to check that out! :-D
Great post, the buttons are awesome, and I'm looking forward to the Laundry Room reveal soon!

Love you lady!!!
Layla :-D

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

:) I need to do some updates to the ole blog too. Sometimes I get so busy, that I just don't pay attention to details.
I follow you in my reader, and your post looks totally different there. Your F etc were white! I was surprised, b/c they didn't seem to match your blog.
Do you follow your own blog in a reader? I do mine, so I can see how my readers see it.
it was sooo much fun hanging out with you today. (you lucky girl)
enjoy the rest of your weekend, and stay away from GIANT water puddles!

Hollie @ I'm Busy Procrastinating said...

Where did you find the new buttons? I need to update mine also.

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