Thursday, July 7, 2011

Laundry Room Extras….things you haven’t seen and the tutorials to go with them!!

So, are you sick of my laundry room yet? lol  (if you’re new and missed it, the reveal is HERE!) I know it’s been a long drawn out ordeal, but it took FOREVER to finish it and I want to be able to show you ever last little detail.  I had  some questions from the reveal and I also want to show you some areas that I didn’t show you before..…so here we go!
I promised a before shot of my laundry room here she is.   I got this at the habitat restore for $8 bucks.  I just cleaned it up, primed it good and spray painted it white.
how to paint a chandelier

chandy re-do

I replaced the shiny brass door knob in the laundry room with this antique knob.  (I’ll have another post later on these…there’s a story behind them)  Isn’t it beautiful?!  I’m going to put a nice back plate behind it later, so that’s why it’s not screwed into the door just yet, but I couldn’t wait to have that little bit of bling in the room!
glass door knob from 1916 house

I had a question from my laundry room reveal post about where I hang clothes now.  You couldn’t see this part of the laundry room from the angle I shot the reveal pictures in, so I thought I’d share it with you now……
laundry room storage
I LOVE how much storage and hanging space there is over there now and also that it’s totally hidden from view when you look into the room.  (it’s to the left of the washer and dryer)

I adore these little wire baskets and they hold paper towels and toilet paper perfectly!
antique wire baskets

I’m waffling back and forth about painting them…I kinda like their old patina…what do you think?
vintage wire baskets

The shelving system was SUPER easy to put up.  See that long bar above the top piece of the board and batton?  You just screw that to the wall into studs (or use molly bolts if you can’t find a stud) and then you just hang the standards from that and then hook on your shelving brackets.  It really is that easy!  I think I installed the whole shelving system in less than 15 minutes!
how to install wire shelving

One more look at the shelves all nice and tidy!
How to hang wire shelving in a laundry room

I also had some questions asked about this curtain.….
furnace cover up

First question….where did I get it? 
I purchased the curtain at Hobby Lobby and of course,  I used my 40% coupon, so it was only $12.00! ( got my memory board above the dresser there too…it was 50% off!)  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Hobby Lobby?!!
hobby lobby

OH how I LOVE this material!!
damask fabric

Next question:  How did I hang it?  I hung the curtain from the ceiling using this wooden curtain rod.  I just measured and found a curtain rod the right length…I was lucky enough to have this in my garage. (I NEVER throw anything away! -sometimes that’s good and sometimes- well we won’t go into my home décor hoarding issues)  lol  JOKING!!!…sort of.
wooden curtain rod

Anyway, I primed and painted the rod white so it would blend into my ceiling….I didn’t really want to notice it.
primed curtain rod

I found two cup hooks that fit the diameter of the wooden dowel part of the curtain rod and just screwed them into the ceiling.  If you’re going to be pulling your curtain back and forth, I’d recommend using hooks with mollies, but this one is stationary and doesn’t get “yanked” on, so these are working for me.
hook on ceiling used to hold curtain rod for curtain

I threaded my tab top curtains on the rod, took off the finials from the ends of the rod and slid them into the cup hooks and then re-attached the finials.
how to hide furnace unit

So there ya have it..a simple hanging curtain solution to hiding this furnace…YIKES!  That furnace unit  is all kinds of UGLY! (oh and my sweet friend Laura was worried about that unit getting hot and catching the curtain on fire, but it doesn’t get hot at all, so we’re all good, but you should consider that before hanging fabric around any units you may have)
furnace unit

I just LOVE what that curtain does for the room!  Isn’t it amazing what a single piece of fabric can do?!
how to hide a furnace

OH, and speaking of fabric, look what I found on Ebay!!!
damask ironing board cover
Yep, it matches beautifully! I’m too embarrassed to show you the before of my ironing board….lets just say it was stained, and quite worn out. lol I LOVE this new cover…it makes my ironing board look brand new again!

Ok, what’s next…hmmm.  Oh, the pictures above the dresser! I promised I’d tell you how I did them.  Here they are above the dresser…..
how to decorate a laundry room

Do you remember  the post a long time ago when I told you I got these picture frames from Goodwill for .75 each?  
I took them all apart to spray paint them like this…

how to re-do old frames
It took quite a bit of primer and paint to cover these puppies because of all that writing on the mat….see those words?….
how to re-do an old frame

They kept bleeding through when I painted them. See!…..
how to paint a picture frame

I finally got enough coats of paint on there to hide all the wording…success!!
Krylon paint
I used my cricut to cut out the silhouettes for the pictures themselves.  I found 4 matching silhouettes in the Child’s First Year cartridge, but you could easily Google silhouettes and just use those to cut out of black paper.  I found oodles of them when I Googled it.

I used some aqua colored scrapbook paper to back the silhouettes and ended up with these…
damask memory board

(that’s the memory board I got at Hobby Lobby!)
I just LOVE how my little pictures turned out and they only cost me $3.00 for all four, because I already had the paint and the scrapbooking paper!
silhouette bird pictures

I’m trying to remember if that was all the questions. Hmm…..

OH, someone asked the dimension of the room, it’s 6’ 8” x 8’ 8”, so it’s a very tiny room, but it sure does have a ton of storage!   Speaking of storage, lets look at all the places to store things.

The dresser:   This thing holds a TON of stuff!! Click HERE to see the before.

how to decorate a laundry room

The cabinets:  These cabinets hold my detergents, iron, medicine, cleaning supplies, light bulbs and so much MORE! (and the baskets hold extra soaps, beauty supplies and one is even empty!!)

Laundry room makeover

and of course you just saw this area….
laundry room storage ideas
I truly LOVE this room!  Thanks so much for going along with me on this adventure, it’s been fun and so rewarding!  I actually enjoy doing laundry now….who knew!

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask!
PS…I did have one person ask about the durability of the flooring and so far, it’s held up great. 

Have a blessed day


Feral Turtle said...

Your laundry room is beautiful. We will be relocating our laundry room one day and I love your idea of using and old dresser. I hope mine will look half as nice as yours.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

So when the family can't find you, they know where to look, right? lol. I can't blame you for wanting to hang out in there! It would even get me in the mood to do laundry! I like the patina on the metal baskets as opposed to painting them. You did such a should be proud!~Hugs, Patti

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

Dear Missy,
What a beautiful job you did! I love every single detail...Happy laundry days! ;)

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Your laundry room is gorgeous. Doesn't it make all the difference to have such a beautiful place to work. I love the use of the dresser also. Hugs, Marty

Granny said...

I can't recall ever calling a laundry room beautiful but yours certainly is. Every detail you show just makes it more perfect. I like the baskets the way they are with the great patina on them. It's a nice contrast to the stark white.

Victoria said...

Wow Missy, all your hard work has really paid off! You must actually look forward to doing laundry in that lovely room!!! You did an amazing job:) I do like the baskets the way they are but when I question stuff like that I usually end up painting it white lol. Have a great day!!!

Aledia said...

Oh! I LOVE the reveal, it is just beautiful! Love the black and white and your dresser is a perfect match! Success at it's best! :) Have a wonderful weekend!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Missy, it's such a GREAT room! I'm so inspired by it! I love how you got such a wonderful result on a budget...and the dresser makes such great storage, too! Just a fabulous room!!

Unknown said...

Love your laundry room! Great job!!

Cindy said...

This has to be one of the best makeovers ever. I think this little room should be in a magazine! It was so clever what you did with the curtain panel and hanging it from the ceiling. And the little chandy went from drab to perfect in every way for the space. And, of course the doorknob is a wonderful finishing touch. I have enjoyed watching what you did here so much!


❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

It looks great and is extremely functional for such a small definitely should be proud :)

mommy Orkid Belle said...

You have one lovely laundry room and I am so jealous! :) LOL! I feel like if I have a room like that, that I would want to do laundry all the time or just stay in the room. LOL! Thanks for sharing. My ironing board sure could use some sprucing up.

Adin B

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Seeing the 'final reveal' for your laundry room was a real treat - I love your handing/basket/racks. Thanks for showing 'behind the curtain' too. Never noticed the black rack/trolley for the laundry supplies before - just right. The whole tiny little wonderful room with all its coordinated equipment and decoration is a delight. Thanks for showing everything today.
- Joy

Susan Freeman said...


Susan and Bentley

The Revamped Soul said...

Oh my, I love the finished product of your laundry room, it looks adorable. Oh, and I love what you did with that chandelier. :)

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

nope! not sick of your laundry room!
it looks so fab!
you really transformed it.
love that fabric in all the different places.
my ironing board? ohhh sooo ugly!
ps have a great weekend!

Aledia said...

Hello again Missy!
Yes, we are in the process of moving to Louisville and I am soooo excited! :) It would be wonderful if we could meet sometime!! Thanks for stopping by!

Leave It To Davis said...

I just found your blog through Thrifty Decor Chick's before and after party. I adore your laundry room!!! The $15 dresser is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I will be following your blog now. Thanks for sharing!

Leave It To Davis said...

I was looking at your older posts and discovered we have the same backsplash in our kitchen. I just put mine up last month. So far, I love it. Your kitchen is beautiful. I have been thinking about painting my cabinets. Your pictures helped me make my decision to paint them tonight! Small world!

Gabrielle Mader said...

wow..what a pretty laundry room...I found you through Shelly's blog...and so glad I did..Love your colors and your DIY ideas...

Fairfield House said...


Not sure how I missed this post but glad I stumbled upon it this morning. Thanks for sharing all the details. I love the curtain and how you located a matching iron board cover! You did an amazing job on this make over. It looks spectacular! One question: Where's the dirty laundry?

Your Friend,

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I can't believe I somehow missed the completeness of your transform-- but Granny J (showing some love, like she does) posted about your laundryroom...

It's agreed! She and I envy your new laundry room.
You did a wonderful job. Love the light airy-ness of it; even though there is no window?!
That chandy is the icing on the cake!

great job

Prior said...

great job! Lezlee

Jessica said...

Love the glass doorknob!
Your laundry room is actually big compared to mine. Ha It has limited storage, just one long shelf. But it has a pretty window that looks out to front yard, so I like it. :-)

FlyAwayHome said...

I LOVE your laundry. What a change. It's beautiful. You did a great job.

Mama Cook said...

Thank you for the update! I had googled "hiding furnace ductwork", and your blog was one of the images! I have found a goldmine!!! I need to figure out if I can actually, safely hang a curtain in front of my furnace, but I love your idea...well, the whole room really!!! In your "spare time" I would love for you to check out my pictures of my furnace room on my ideas would be appreciated!!!!!

I'll be checking back your style!

Unknown said...

I'm doing this next week with the curtain covering my washer and dryer and water heater in my kitchen!

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