Thursday, June 6, 2013

Church Nursery Update!

We have finally begun to paint! Tammy, Kim, Gina, Tiffany, David and I all painted on the nursery to get it started!  (great friends!)  Gina and Kim knocked out the first coat on the ceiling one night on their own, and the rest of us came in and took turns painting until everything had at least one coat!

safari nursery ideas

I cannot tell you what a HUGE difference it made painting the
ceiling in that room! You see, it has wooden beams up there to hide where it used to be cut into different rooms, and they were two different colors.  It really cut the room up visually…now the room just flows into one nice space with no separation!

church decorating ideas

In this picture, you can see we also came in and tore up the carpet. A great group of guys from the church came in and had it out in 30 minutes flat, then we pried up all the staples that were left from the padding, and started painting again!  We are making progress!! (this is David giving the ceiling it’s 2nd coat)

church nursery ideas

Since the carpet was torn up we went on a shopping trip to find some flooring.  We found this piece at Lowes, it’s called Fireside Oak and we bought it to match the existing trim in the room.


I found these cute little baskets at Walmart while grocery shopping….I picked up 9 of them to put the kiddos items in when they check into the nursery. :0)

cute ideas using bins

I also found these cute bins at Garden Ridge…I’ll show you what we’ll do we these later!

cute bins

I also found these soap dispensers at Walmart for $6.00 each.  Right now we have the disposable hand soap dispensers and they aren’t that cute…..I love little details like this in a room. :0)

cute soap dispensers

OH…I ordered two beds and a changing table from Walmart!

Here’s a picture of them from their website. Aren’t they sweet!  They were really affordable too! The beds were $119.00 each and the changing table was $179.00.

cute baby beds

changing table

I can’t wait to see this whole nursery come together! :0)

Next time I hope we’ll have more of the painting done….there’s some serious pops of color going to be going on in this room soon!




Jenny said...

The paint has made a huge difference already. How much cleaner & cheerful it looks. Can't wait to see it all finished.

Marilyn said...

Paint is magic! It's looking so fresh and clean. I think I'll paint my bedroom before I put my new mattress and box springs in there. We never did get around to painting any of the bedrooms, so I think it's well past time. I'll keep you in my mind for motivation and inspiration!♥♫

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

It's looking wonderful, the accessories and furniture you've chosen!

Leave It To Davis said...

You're gonna' love that floor! It already looks so different! Can't wait to see the end results!

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