Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kitchen Backsplash ...before and after!

When we moved into our house 3 years ago, it had some very ugly issues in the kitchen, nothing seemed to be right. It had some seriously ugly tumbled tile as a backsplash, the cabinets were two different colors (one color was the original color, one was some kind of stain that someone had smeared all over the original color), and the stove wasn't centered under the microwave. (not good for someone like me who is OCD about things like that!) I actually tore out my bottom kitchen cabinet (the one to the right of the stove) and moved it over something like 3 inches to the right to allow my stove to be centered under the microwave! Now who would not center a stove by that much!? It was a long, tedious task, including cutting off the bottom of the cabinet on one side to make it work, but I finished it and am much happier now that my stove is centered under my microwave. :) Since I had to move the cabinet over, the counter top size no longer worked and there was also a 3" space to the left of my stove. ......... *sigh* I built a spacer piece for the left side of the cabinets (we were painting the cabinets, so it didn't matter......more on that in a later blog!) and installed it. Since we had to get new counter top I wanted to do something interesting to the backsplash. First I tried to do it the cheap way and just paint the tiles out white..........I did it, but didn't like it at ALL! Then I thought maybe we could use beadboard and cover it up..........not a bad idea, BUT while we were at Lowes shopping around I found the most wonderful product........"tin" panels. They are reminiscent of the old tin ceilings from way back when, but these are made specifically for a backsplash....perfect sizing and all! (located in the cabinet dept) :) Oh and they are made from some kind of pliable plastic, so they are SUPER easy to cut and install but look unbelievably real! People NEVER know it's not the real thing unless I tell them, or they go touch it. :) I am SO happy with my backsplash now............wish I had known about this product years ago! :) Here are my before and after be the judge of how it turned out!


Sorry this pic is kind of dark, but I was one of those buyers who took pictures THROUGH the window before we actually got the keys. :) Note the backsplash tile and the color of the cabinets..........blah! Oh, and not one thing in this photo is the same now, except the tiles on the kitchen floor. :)


This is the after shot of the backsplash.............much better than the old stuff don't ya think?!


The Painted Home said...

LOVE the back splash! Good luck with your blog! Very cute. I'll keep checking back, D

My Cottage Charm said...

You're welcome back anytime! :)

Melissa said...

wow, that backsplash is amazing!! I'll have to keep that in mind!

Lettered Cottage said...

Ooh! I love the tin!
It really looks fantastic, and your blog does too!


Anonymous said...

This looks so much better! We haven't even began our kitchen reno but this is one of the options I am considering. Thanks so much for sharing.

girlsgonescrappin said...

o idea whether you will find this comment but we are in the processing of planning a redo of our kitchen and I said to my husband yesterday that I wanted the tin ceiling look as my backsplash. You've had yours in for about a year now, so how do you like it? How is it to clean, especially in the area around the stove? It looks fantastic in your kitchen. Thanks

Christina said...

I LOVE this backsplash- did you install over the tile or did you take out the tile? Also- what did you use to adhere it?

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey Christina
I installed it right over the tile and adhered it with a combo of double stick tape that is recommended by the maker of the backsplash, and also some glue that is made for the backsplash. (it's in the cabinet dept at least that's where it is at our lowes)
Hope this helps!
Missy :)

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