Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Cottage Kitchen Makeover part 3 or was it 4, ....oh, who's counting?! :)
I do wish when I was re-doing this project I had known I was going to start blogging so I would have some before pics. :-/ Oh well, the after pics are cute as a button, so here we go! My mom gave me these two chairs a while back and they were rusty and the wood had rotted out. We both knew they would be so sweet with some tlc. First I took the rotten wood off the back and the seat and used it as a pattern to trace onto new plywood. A jigsaw and a few minutes of my time and new backs and seats for these two lovelies were born. :) Then I took a wire brush made for a drill (you know, it's round with little wire bristles all around, with a stem that mounts into your drill) and got off all the rust. I primed it with a primer made for metal and then gave it a good coat of white rustoleum paint. :)

My mom had this precious fabric of little girls playing for quite a while and she willingly gave up some for my chairs. (it matched my kitchen to a T!) I recovered the pieces of wood I had cut out with some extra carpet padding I had lying around, some batting over that and the lovely fabric, making sure to line up the pattern in the same spots for both chairs. Used my handy dandy electric stapler and attached the fabric to the wood! I trimmed out around the fabric in the back with trim and used screws to put the back and seat back into place. Walla! Two new chairs! I have these under my window at the end of my kitchen, they turned out just wonderful! :)

Aren't they just the sweetest things!!



Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Melissa.....Very cute! I really look forward to something new from you all the time!~Patti

One Cheap B*tch said...

They are SO sweet! Very pretty pattern - love them!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just read your kitchen island post. You are the DIY queen. Its so stunning. I would have never envisioned the outcome. Your chairs are so cute. The fabric is perfect. Your mom is a sweetie for sharing it with you.

My Cottage Charm said...

Rosie, my pastor has called me "the queen of clearance", but DIY queen is a new title for me! LOL :) (I kinda like it, maybe it'll stick!) hee hee hee

afistfullofweeds* said...

Don't ya just love that little feeling ya get when you do something so cool yourself?? I do! Rhonda

Andrea said...

Absolutely adorable! I love that fabric. Thanks MOM!! You did a wonderful job. I wish that I had some of your talent!

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