Friday, October 29, 2010

My first vinyl project...and I'm already addicted!

I did this same post today as a guest blogger for Robyn at Whimages, so I
figured I might as well share it over here too!

I got a cricut not long ago, but
I also just recently bought some software to go with it
so I don't have to buy cartridges anymore!
(unless I just find one that's to die for....which could be next Thursday knowing me!)


The software is called Sure Cuts a Lot 2,
if any of you are interested
in knowing what it is.  You can take images from the internet
or scan them into your computer and load them on this software. 
You just buy a usb cable to hook up to your cricut and tell it
to cut from your computer......
OH the ENDLESS possibilities!!

Anywho~!... I decided to go beyond paper cutting and
went straight into the world of vinyl!
(and can I tell you I am totally addicted!)

This is my first project.....

I took my boring little cream colored lamp shade and
turned it into this.....

Now it's my, oooh la la, monogrammed lampshade!

I just love it!

See how the light just glows from behind the lettering?!

Oh happy day!

Seeing as this was my first attempt at
vinyl, I wasn't too sure
about it sticking onto a fabric
lamp shade, but it's held on just fine!

I am addicted there a vinyl anonymous out there?
Since my lampshades, I now have monograms in vinyl on
my phone and laptop and have several more things
waiting to be cut!

Addicted I tell ya!
Thanks for checking out my newest project!

Have you guys been doing anything new?



morninglorycottage said...

Too funny Missy. I'll be sure to look for you a group to join. Perhaps you should post on your front door, Careful standing still is a sure sign you need to have a vinyl monogram? You have a great weekend. Oh added a few new pictures of the cabinet with the lights on.
Hugs~ Amanda

Shellyhectic said...

Love, love it! I love vinyl!! I AM going to get that machine and the program!!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

yay! I'm so glad you finally broke it out and got busy! :)
Love the lamp shade!

Anonymous said...

Hi Missy, Sorry I've been MIA...Cute, cute, cute. You've convinced my to use my Silouette to cut some vinyl. Where is the best place (aka cheapest) to purchase the vinyl for cutting? Patty

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

This looks really fun~ turned out great!

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