Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We got a new...........

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Now on to the post!!

We have an addition to our family,
and NO it's not more kids!

We bought a new....

Woo hoo!
Isn't it just lovely!

I LOVE TJ Maxx!!!
We go this baby for $380.00 WITH tax!
I found the exact chair on Lane's website
for $699.00!
(yep, that a pic of it right there!)

(how much do I LOVE to save money!)

Our chair is actually my hubbies birthday present.
(very early, his bday's not till March)
We've been searching for a recliner that didn't look like
an overstuffed marshmallow for a while now.
You know, a recliner that doesn't
look like a recliner.

This one has beautiful carved,
tapered legs and a lovely chenille fabric
that just beckons you to sit on it!
(only my hubby says it's his...but what
he doesn't know while he's at work doesn't hurt him)

Love that the dark wood tones
match the ones on our sofa legs too!
(just a great big bonus!)

Here's our sofa too...we got it a couple of
years ago with income tax money...
oh how I love income tax returns!!

I did some re-arranging of furniture when the recliner came
into the house.
See the chair over in front of the window??...
it used to sit where the recliner is now.

I think it looks much better in front of the window,
and it's a good thing too, the recliner won't recline over there! lol
(ignore my naked mantel....I'm trying to figure out what I want to do
after removing Christmas decorations) :)

Here's the view from the kitchen  now that it's
all freshly re-arranged.....

Here's the view into the kitchen area....

But here's the view that makes me
the happiest....

He REALLY Loves his new chair!

What have you guys been up to lately?
Have you found any great bargains you want
to share, something you've made,
anything you love?
Just link em' up!



Tabitha said...

Very cool chair! My husband keeps asking for a recliner, but I also want one that doesn't look like a recliner. I wonder if my local TJ Maxx has another one. :-)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

TJ Maxx is great for fun pieces! LOVE your chair, it goes so well with the rest of your beautiful home, too! I have that same chair in a dark red paisley...of course I didn't get the good deal you did LOL! I did find two wonderful big ottomans for our gameroom at the lake, at TJ Maxx, as well as many area rugs- they really have some beautiful pieces!

Decor To Adore said...

Now this was a seriously great find! You are such a super sleuth.

I won't take my tree down until tomorrow (3 Kinds Day) but I have the rest of my house stripped down and am in the process of deep cleaning.

FairfieldHouse said...


The chair is beautiful and compliments your sofa perfectly. I could spend hours in Home Goods/TJ Maxx treasure hunting! Too bad they don't have a department that sells heating units. Sighs. All part of owning a home.

Your Friend,

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Wow Missy! Not only is the chair beautiful, it was a great price and fits into the room perfectly! I love the fabric and design. Very nice find!!

Victoria said...

So beautiful! Gorgeous photos..lovely blog! I love this party you have created..i would definately love to play soon!

Kelly said...

Don't you love TJ Maxx?? So, you got a new chair AND made your husband happy....score!


De Ruijsbroekjes said...

aaaarg congratulations with your new chair, ist lovely !!

Leen said...

Who knew that TJMAXX sold recliners?? Not me! I've also been looking for one that doesn't look my in-laws recliners. I wonder if they make nice looking ones like yours that rock? I love me a rocking recliner :)

Homes for Sale Bothell Washington said...

That was great for me. I already consider it as a home, nice to live that kind of ambiance.

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