Sunday, January 23, 2011

Valentines Mantel…oooo la la


Happy Valentines Day!
Oh wait, it’s not Valentines Day..heck, it’s not even February! lol
Oh well, I don’t care…I’m the girl
that decorates for Christmas
 BEFORE Thanksgiving!
(yep, there I said it, I do!)
So decorating for Valentines Day in January
really shouldn’t shock anyone!
I thought I’d show you what I’ve been up to, and how I decorated my mantel for V day~!
I started off with two Johnson brothers floral plates.
I swear I know the name of the pattern, but for the life of me I can’t think of it. 
Don’t you just hate that!
Anyway, I paired the plates with a big ironstone white platter…
cause I LOVE white ironstone!
I used my cricut expression to cut out the
”BE MINE” in vinyl.

(have I mentioned how much I Red heart my cricut…umm…. yeah, probably about a thousand times!)
The red heart I put the vinyl on is just the top of a candy box I got from the Dollar Tree. ( I used the base in another vignette I’ll show you later)
On the ends of the mantel I put my cloches
that my mom made for me.
(you can learn how to make them here)


I put little boxes from the Dollar Tree under the cloches and also some red & white Christmas ornaments I got marked 75% off.
(they’re nestled in some Valentine tissue paper,
just make sure you turn them so you don’t see the hangers)
See the pretty candle holder/hurricane?
It’s made from a vase and a candle holder from the
Dollar Tree just epoxied together.

I put another smaller cylindrical vase down inside
of the first vase so I would have a thin wall of space between the two.  (thanks to Kim from Sand & Sisal
for helping me brain storm that idea Light bulb)
I put redhots in that void…
it took  a LOT less redhots that way!
There are flameless candles down inside the hurricanes,
very pretty all lit up at night!
I used this shredded gift bag filler all around
the mantel to hide all the plate holders and
the plain mantel. 

I REALLY wanted to put a big white, fluffy boa on the mantel instead of the shredded paper stuff,
but couldn’t find one without
driving a ways… this worked AND it was free, I already had it!


Frugality is a good thing!
See how the filler covers everything up!
Works like a charm!
Here’s a few more pics for your viewing pleasure!



Did you notice that I have items of different heights and levels?
It’s easier on your eyes and gives them  a place to rest before
moving on to another area.
You’ll also notice I have things grouped
in threes.
Everything looks better in odd number
groups…i.e. 3 or 5.
(and at different levels in those groups)
Well, that’s it for my Valentines Mantel.
Stay tuned for another Valentine vignette.
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from The Stories of A2Z.

Have a BLESSED day Hugs!


~Tonja~ said...

Very all looks wonderful
Have a Blessed day

Anne F said...

I really like tha mantel lots of ideas of things one can make or do with things we have maybe around the house thanks for sharing.

My Cottage Charm said...

thanks gals! :)

Unknown said...

Pretty in pink! I'd love to see it all lit up with the flameless candles, I bet it's gorgeous!

ShabbyESP said...

It is so pretty!!! What a clever idea with the hurricane vase/candle holder ;=)
Thank you for sharing!

Suzann xoxoxoxoxxo

Susan said...

Your mantle looks beautiful!! I absolutely love the rose painting. It is gorgeous!!

Sara S. said...

It looks great! I have V-Day stuff up in Jan. too....and my Christmas stuff was up before you have company!

Beth said...

How pretty! Love your floral plates and how fun that you consulted with my sis ;). Thanks for linking up Missy and I hope you feel better.

Decorchick! said...

Looks beautiful Missy!! I love all the hot pink too and frilliness of it all. Just my style. :) Lovely!

KimMalk said...

Hi Missy, very nice arrangement. I love that you used many things not obviously for Valentine's day, but made it all work beautifully. I especially like your Johnson Bros. & platter. Blessings, Kim

Cherry Chick said...

Hi Missy,
Thanks so much for sharing your Valentine Mantel with all of us! I'm a 'pink' girl myself so I absolutely love your blog template and your charming mantel display. How very clever of you to design the candy heart container. Your shredded gift bag filler is just perfect as an accent. You have put a smile on my face this evening. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday!

Ami Allison said...

It's gorgeous!!! I love that rose painting and EVERYTHING else too! :)

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Did you do all this before the "bug' hit you? You did a great job! You have inspired me to remove my snowmen(didn't have to twist my arm on that one) and do something "special". I have never decorated for Valentine's Day. I don't know why...I think it's time. Feel better Rudy!~Hugs, Patti

Marilyn said...

So sweet. I guess I need to stop in at the Dollar Tree and find some goodies for here and at school. The problem at school is any little thing distracts my students so MUCH, and they are all the ones that need intense interventions in Reading! So I try to keep my room very simple and uninteresting. Oh well, we all need some distractions. ♥♫

Chelsy@ Sweet Pea Kisses said...

Oh my! It's so pretty:) I am loving those plates, please let me know if you think of the name. You did a great job!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

catching up on blogs... sorry I'm so late!
I love your vt mantel! great job on the piece inside the other for the red hots! :)
I've done some vt stuff, but my mantel is in it's natural state. It sure could use a pop of red, however, I'm not much of a stager. My cousin even complained about my (non) staging of my kitchen backsplash reveal. She said it looked "harsh". I told her that's the way I keep my counters. I don't have stuff out on them. (only what was in the pictures)
maybe I'll try to dress up my mantel this week. :) using your tips!
great mantel vignette, great tips, great post!
hope you're feeling better real soon!

Kelly said...

Missy, I LOVE it! The way you used the little boxes and red hots is great!!


Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

It looks great. I like the little boxes under the cloche. Fun idea! :)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

So very very you! Don't feel alone decorating early ....I'm an early bird too :)

Robyn said...

MY GOODNESS that's a gorgeous vignette! I'm just completely SWOONING over your fireplace surround! GIRL, it's FABULOUS! Did it come with your house or is it a vintage salvage piece? It's so pretty and so YOU! ;-)

Robyn said...

Missy I think you MUST make this It sooo looks like you and with the music reference it's perfect! ;-)...just HAD to show you!

Anonymous said...

Love the mantle decorations and the rose painting just adds to the romance. Love it.

Anonymous said...

I Love what you did with the mantle. You inspire me to get up and away from this computer and actually go do some decorating.Thank you very much! Shelia

FairfieldHouse said...


Your home always looks like a showcase. My eye is always drawn to your massive detailed fire place. Your Valentine Mantel is so festive and appropriate for the sweetheart of blogland!


Shellyhectic said...

You have won an award over at my blog, I hope you will accept!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Your Valentine's mantle is ooh la la!
So very pretty all decked out in pink.
The cloches are darling with the little gifts.
I must say, your mantel is gorgeous....beautiful wood and design. Eye candy.

Suzanne said...

Spectacular idea with the red hots! At first I thought 'did she glue those?!' Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Elisabeth said...

Your Valentine's mantle is so pretty. I'm visiting from Thrifty Decor Chick.


Alison Agnew said...

I love it! Thanks for linking it up to Fridays Unfolded. And I really adore that roses painting above. Lovely!


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