Monday, March 7, 2011

How to remove stains from napkins

On one of my recent trips to Goodwill I found these…..


It’s a set of six dinner napkins.  The only problem is, they had some stains and were very yellow looking.  I decided, at a quarter each, I would take my chances and buy them anyway!

I figured bleach would probably bring out the stains, but I wanted to make sure they came out as white as possible, so I bought a box of this Rit Whitener and find it in aisle with dye…it was in my laundry aisle at Walmart.


This stuff is specifically made for brightening dingy whites and colored fabrics.  It doesn’t have bleach, so it’s totally safe for your colored clothes.  I just wanted to whiten my napkins, so I used it in conjunction with some bleach.  I filled the washer with pretty hot water, added a half a pack of the Rit Whitener and a cup of bleach.   I let it the napkins soak in the washer for about 10 –15 minutes before I let them wash.
This is what I got…..

Every stain came out and the napkins are now a BRIGHT white!
I ironed them out and stacked them up and they’re ready for company!  The stains in these looked as if they had been there for a while, so I’m sure it would work great on newly acquired stains. Smile
Here they are all ironed and ready for company! Don’t cha just love the little inset trim?! It’s what sold me to try to get the stains all out!


I will definitely be stocking up on that Rit Whitener and Brightener…what a great find!
I probably won’t be able to comment back to your comments this week…we’re taking some day trips and I’ll be away from my computer for most of the week…just know I love you guys!!!

Have a great day!

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gail@My Repurposed Life said...

wow! great find! good to know, cause your napkins look fab!
have a great week! (day trips)

Kristi said...

Oh WOW! That is amazing! I'll have to try this on a slipcover I have. It's white but started to look a little 'grey' with washing! Thanks for the tip & wahoo on your great find!! :)
@ Creative Kristi

FairfieldHouse said...


I will have to add this to my laundry room supplies. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your time away from the computer!

Your Friend,

Deborah said...

Well done you, they have come up a treat. I have some napkins the same as that, I got mine from The White Company in the sale and but they have some stains on them now. I'll give it a try :)

Have a great week.

Bee happy x

Sherri said...

Missy those napkins turned out wonderful!

Abi's Blog said...

Beautiful napkins! I can't wait to try that on some vintage pillowcases and tablecloths. I love the hemstitching. I remember when I was a young teenager my granny taught me how to hemstitch on a communion table for our church. Actually she taught me how and did most of the real work. They turned out beautifully just like your napkins.

aimee said...

that stuff does work great! i love the napkins. i didnt think to add bleach when i used it on some white clothes. ill keep that in mind for next time. enjoy your super white napkins! enjoy your day trips.

Victoria said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe how white you were able to get those! What a big difference! They're so pretty too, great price:)

Was it you who came up with the idea about a year ago of putting little tealights into worn down candles? If so, Big Lots stole your idea!!! They now have little votive candles that are dug out in the middle and have the flameless tealights in them!

My Cottage Charm said...

Yes Victoria..that was my idea. Guess I missed the boat on getting rich! lol :) Oh well, I can still say it was my idea first..and people can still use that idea when their candles are burned down inside. Just stick the tea light in there and voila, a new candle! :)
Thanks for all your lovely comments today..we're having a blast shopping, eating out and spending time together as a family!

Marilyn said...

Have lots of fun while you are out and about! There's a shop in Denver where I found some cloth napkins for a quarter, also. Will have to look for that product! ♥♫

The Polka Dot Closet said...

OMG I sell tons of linen, and struggle with stains! What a fine, thank you, I did not know it existed!


Jemsmom said...

I came across your post on A2Z and was so excited to see it! I have a lovely tablecloth that I bought in Venice, Italy and it got stained by my little one a few Thanksgivings ago. I bleached, cleaned, dry cleaned and couldn't get it out. I even laid it in the yard for the sun to bleach! I will have to give this a try! Thanks so much for the tip!

Leen said...

Thanks for this tip, Missy. I buy lots of linens at auctions and estate sales and I never knew what was safe to use to brighten them.

frances said...

Hi I have been using the whitener for years. All my towels are white and when they get dingy, also white socks it makes them look brand new again. Love your blog take care Frances

Julie @ Creating This Life said...

Beautiful! I can't believe the transformation. Thanks for the tip!

Boho Farm and Home said...

What a great idea! That stuff really works well. Thank you so much for the tip! I am going to use it.

Katie said...

Ahh thanks so much for the tip! I am a terrible terrible laundress, my clothes end up with holes and I leave them wrinkled in a basket for at least a week before folding. But at least now they won't have stains!

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