Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thrifting Finds for Friday and Treasure and Trinket Linky party!


Today is my Treasures and Trinkets Linky Party!!  Link up something you love!  It can be a treasure, a craft, a remodel…whatever your heart desires is alright by me…just share!  I would appreciate it if you would link back to this post if you know how..I won’t delete you if you don’t.

For my treasure this week, I wanted to share my recent finds from Goodwill.    My son and I went to Goodwill Friday after we finished school…we found a couple of fun things I wanted to share with you.
We were walking through Goodwill, just browsing around, when I saw a rubber tote sitting on the counter.   Our Goodwill usually puts their better things up front behind glass or on the counter, so I thought I’d peek inside!  My son’s eyes got big as saucers when he saw what was in that tub!  He found these………….

lego mini figs

OH, did I mention those little min-figures had friends….LOTS and LOTS of friends?!  See all those Legos on his floor? (please excuse his dirty room…we hadn’t finished making his bed yet)  Those Legos were ALL in that little rubber tub for $6.75!  If you have ever bought Legos, you KNOW what an amazing deal that is!  My little guy used his own allowance to buy the tub…he is still thrilled silly with our find!


I made a little discovery of my own while we were there!  I found this mercury glass candle holder for $1.75!  Yay, I just LOVE mercury glass!  I have several of them and put them in the window sill above our garden tub in the master bath..they’re nice for a bubble bath with candles all aglow!


This one still had the HomeGoods sticker on the bottom.  See……….

I also found this whole stack of cards for $.75….love things that are under a buck!  woo hoo!  Aren’t they the cutest little mod cards?!

super mod greeting cards

Well, that was our haul from Friday….not too bad for less than $10.00!
Did anyone find any goodies thrifting this week?
Don’t forget to link up to the party….Link up what you love!
Have a great week!


Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

What fantastic finds Missy, My boys LOVED Legos in their day! That was a real steal! and I LOVE that candlestick! You both did well!
Thank you for hosting...
Have a wonderful week,

Sara S. said...

Great finds! I haven't been finding anything of note lately. My best find was actually a (pretty much brand new) Liz Claiborne purse for a couple bucks. Nothing has really jumped out at me for the house....oh well...there's always phases like that!

Anonymous said...

You did AMAZING for under $10.
I am very jealous over those Legos. Too cool!

afistfullofweeds* said...

Girl I find those darn things all over the house!! My son Loves them too!! I love that mercury glass!!!Rhonda

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Great Legos find, Missy...looks like my house when the grandkids are here!

Kelly said...

Great finds! Looks like your son is going to be a great thrifter like you!


Robyn said...

AWESOME BARGAINS! I bet Carson is beside himself with his goodies! I love that mercury glass...soooo pretty! ...hey, in my post today you can kinda see a glimpse of one of your fabulous and gorgeous's sort of like a where's Waldo! Happy Friday Sweetie!

decorating diva {aka deanna} said...

cute finds! thanks for hosting this linky party, your blog is as usual, so cute!

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